Walking a singular path through a universe infinitely interconnected.
The nature of you as an individual.
By Dale G. Cox 

To be or not to be, this is a question of individuality. It is written the name of god is "I am that I am", or something like that. In truth, the question of who we are can only really be answered with the help of others. We, as individuals on the inside, see through an illusion we create of ourselves. It is through this illusion that we embrace the world in love or fear. While, from the outside, the world sees a completely different expression. You could call it the Jekyll & Hyde syndrome. Those two expressions are not dramatically different, as most of us endeavor to adjust our behavior to accommodate others, we must observe their reaction to us. Thereby, decreasing the amount of difference between what's on the inside and what's on the outside. Managing the truth of who we are. We learn to do this by accepting what others say about us in an open-minded way. We are open to the understanding that we may not always be right about any given topic, and that we are open to looking at it a different way. Which is a testimony to the very uniqueness of our individuality. There are almost seven billion souls incarnated in the earthly realm. Every single one of us is different. Thus, there's always at least six billion different ways to see a thing.

Most modern material concepts of culture envision an earthly utopia we will arrive at when we all learn to be alike. A pointless endeavor. To even assume to think we will one day alter our children genetically to bring this utopia into being is abomination. We have missed the mark. We are not mature enough to alter the path of life an individual must walk through the physical plane. That is best handled in the realms of spirit before we even begin to take form. This form of black magic will create dramatic alterations in the way we engage our karma. Souls will be denied the fullness of experiences vital to their evolution. We were not destined to be alike physically. We are already alike in spirit, and in heart. We all already share the same vision of love. This is as close as we will ever come to unity. This unity of heart is imminently more powerful than a material unity. It can be the basis for a materialistic unity. But, who we are as individuals physically, will always be different. Believe it or not, it is healthy for us to be different. It is important for us to recognize this and learn to respect our individuality. We are each of us, unique in all the universe.

In soul form, we have gone through lifetime after lifetime, living in Maya. When we die to the flesh, we go into another realm of experience, where the experiences of each individual physical lifetime are attributed to the overall evolution of the soul in question. Said soul then reenters the material world and plays out those experiences in an effort to continue its evolution. In and out of these realms, we as souls create unique relationships with each other. We generate conflict or attraction, which translate into sympathies and antipathies in the material world. Each physical lifetime intricately interwoven with the lifetimes of as many as several hundred other souls. Mothers, fathers, enemies, lovers, we engage and grow. Lifetime after lifetime. Each lifetime being primed for you to achieve the best possible experience possible, depending on the decisions you make. Everyday life presents us with a question, will you chose life, or darkness?

Our world is the manifest expression of seven billion souls answering that question every day. Our souls are awakening to the nature of individuality. We create individuality when we take the responsibility to move our self-definition out of the similarity of the mass. When we begin to adhere to a set of values that motivates us to change of our own free will, and evolve. Our culture seeks to mass-produce personality by broadcasting iconography into the collective consciousness. As a result, we want to be like the kings and queens; we all want to be recognized. We buy products from catalogs like we can duplicate another persons life or advertised happiness. Another pointless endeavor. Even if you had all the same stuff as someone else, it wouldn't be his or her life, because you'd be living it. Even doing the same things will not yield the same experience. Your life was destined for you and you alone. We can walk in another person's shoes, but we can't experience life the way they do.

In light of this possibility, if one were to view each day as destiny, and embrace what happens in wonderment, in humility and thankfulness. Surrendering to an essence of nurturing that means well as it leads us through the suffering of humility, to the joy of thankfulness. Knowing that the only thing interested in killing you is another human being. Not God. God does not manifest as resistance or force of any nature in our reality. God is the sublime essence in all things, it is the potential, but we are the focus. We take of god and make expression. As this expression, humanity is the author of violence in the world. Not God. Evil cannot manifest in the world except it come through humans. It cannot possess a tree or an animal, because these forms do not have the physical capacity for higher spiritual functions. Humans do. We are racked on a daily basis by a barrage of sympathy's and antipathy's, anger and love, passions that originate outside of our sense of self, in the realm of our spirit self. We have a variety of encounters, on a daily basis that stimulate a variety of feelings. Those feelings motivate our actions. Presto chango you've got civilization, or at least that’s what we call it.

Seven billion different reactions, all colored by a regional dynamic of experience. In America, we experience being in America. Certain people put forth a lot of effort to control the consensus of what we believe America is. Likewise, in the Muslim world, they are living a Muslim experience, a homosexual lives a homosexual experience, and the growing child lives in a world of limited perception. It gradually learns to associate with objects, then iconography, and language. All the while undergoing large-scale self-evolution, change. As we reach adulthood we seek to stabilize the change into controlled patterns. Manage change. Of all the nerve. Us, manage change. Its humorous to imagine, and yet day in and day out we endeavor to try. We build structures that outlive us and we think we have mastered time. Our very pursuit of material science is an attempt to not only control change, but to likewise become masters of change. We use clocks, as if the heavens were inadequate, or even inaccurate. God could you please reset the universe, we've got a different time down here. Lost in Maya, we think our material lives are all we have, and since god will not make us immortal in a material sense, we must seek immortality within the limited scope of our imaginations. Our vanity depends on it.

We open the gates of hell. We let in fear, hatred, and violence. We must choose to shut it out. If we don't control it, it will control us. Pandora let the demons out of the box, now we must put them back in. The human heart is the key. Only with love can we control our passions, and it is love that gives fire to our passions. This is where your individuality is key. You are individually responsible for a portal to the spirit world. You. You must form a personality that controls the consciousness you reflect upon as self. You are not alone at the gate, god stands there with you, but you are the gate and you must decide what passes through you. God is there to show you you have the power to hold the gate steady. Consciousness is a fluid point in time space that can only measure the passing of time in the physical world. The essence behind the flesh is timeless, the flesh is timed. Even though your body ages, you do not feel age as your body does. You note the growing field of experience, as you view more and more time. It is an intricate lesson plan of experience. You as consciousness control the door, your karma and destiny will provide who will knock.

We are all important. We rely upon each other. We are all chained together in this physical world. Our actions effect everyone else. Some of us are strong, some of us are weak. The two passions on either side of the doorway push and shove and would overwhelm us if they can. The heart tells us when we are in danger of going too far. Like Icarus, we cannot fly too close to the sun, and like Persephone we cannot tempt Satan. We must be balanced and true unto the midpoint, we are the midpoint. So you see, your life is not anonymous. We are each of us important to the whole. Individuality is the blessing of self-expression in balance. Your one path intersects many. In each meeting the person you encountered heads off in one of three directions when you leave. A good direction, a bad direction, or you have met someone who has self-mastery, and they will not allow your expression to effect their decisions as to what direction they go. They were already heading in a direction when they met you. A tall man cannot live a short man's life, likewise a skinny woman cannot live the life of a fat woman, but we don't see it that way. Our individuality is lost when we allow someone else to define us. This is iconography. Iconography breeds prejudice, prejudice breeds violence. We can see this in the news every day.

It is important that every human being have the right and the opportunity to be the best they can be. It is black magic to seek to steer another soul down the path to darkness. You do this when you enact violence on another soul, or trickery, or manipulation. The reward for the willful action of black magic is more challenge. Be warned, sometimes we can not always receive what we have dished out. The fate of the black magician will always end in darkness. Think of yourself when you respond to people. Treat all as you would be treated. If someone mistreats you out of turn, forgive the affront and offer blessings, it may have been your karma coming back to you. If you can learn to respect karma, you will do well. If not you will struggle. If you are already struggling, take it as proof of actions in your last life, be humble, and accept your challenge and you will grow stronger for it. You will develop a value of self that comes from valuing others. This is the challenge of individuality. To become a conscious part of the evolution of humanity.