The Sleepers Must Awaken
Looking beyond the social illusions of our times.
By Dale G. Cox

It would seem, We, the people of these United States of America, have been lulled into a sleep. A sleep so deep we seem to simply refuse to wake up. We seem to feel that the realization of nightmare is merely a matter of perspective. And that as long as the pharmaceutical companies are prepared to dole out anti-depressants we'd rather continue on this path to oblivion.

What am I talking about? Where should I begin? Shall I go back 10 months to when CIA trained terrorists blew up the World Trade centers in New York and blamed it on an imaginary terrorist created by the CIA. Should I go back further to the 60's where CIA supported drug lords fought a protracted war in the Cambodian jungles merely to control one of the world's largest sources of heroin. Maybe I should go back a little further, maybe 1933 when Prescott Bush and associates, the Dulles brothers, J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller banks helped fund the rise of Adolph Hitler, who also used a terrorist attack (burning the Reichstag) to begin the nationalistic subjugation of his beloved people. Lets go back to the 1870's when the Royal family in Britain supported the addiction of the Chinese people to opium, and made a huge profit doing so. Opium produced in some of the very same poppy fields the CIA would fight over almost a hundred years later. Maybe we could go back to the early 1800's when Rothschild bankers spent an entire century changing the face of Europe with the concept of war for profit. 

The gist here is that we seem to have forgotten that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts to the extent of self-destruction. It would seem we have failed to note the lessons of history, that showed us that at least 200 years ago, the concept of manipulating not just individuals, but countries, and even entire cultures, had been mastered by select individuals. They did not do it for reasons of nationalism, or to help advance the whole of human culture. They did it purely for personal profit and wealth, to acquire the wealth necessary to maintain control over the avenues of power. The power necessary to keep us controlled permanently. The main reason why modern Americans can't seem to believe in conspiracy is because conspiracy has become the very fabric of our culture. You watch it every day and no longer recognize it for what it is, you have been desensitized to it. Most of modern history's most nefarious crimes have been performed right in front of your face, they're written all over the history books. Trick is, history was written by the people who manipulated it. The inside assassination of JFK, a bold underworld stepping forward to claim the reigns of power in America, and after investigating themselves, "They" told you Oswald did it. We seem to have believed them. They are still in power. In fact they turned around shortly after we told them it was "Ok", and killed his brother too. In the 1980's, the S&L scandal was one of the greatest bank robberies of all time. When it was over the United States of America had been fleeced for 1.7 trillion dollars. Again the wealthy elite, again a bunch of Bush's with their hand in our pockets. This conspiracy organization is at least over three hundred years old. They put control mechanisms in place before your great grandparents were born. Every time they make a policy that takes away one of our freedoms, they are telling us "no". Every time they tell us "no", and we accept it, we are conditioned a little more. This is referred to as behavioral adjustment. Remember elementary school?

Do you take issue with the notion that you are controlled? Do you feel sovereign in your world, like the king or queen of your castle? Do you think you are free? Well its high time you got over that. You are a rat in a maze, and that’s exactly what the people who have control over you think you are. They have imprisoned your mind in a world of confusion most of you will never find your way out of. Trust me, I'm not trying to insult you, I'm trying to liberate you. You are about to discover the reality of free will. Feeling free to not get involved directly in the course of human history, is a choice to let someone else get involved without any accountability to you. You are responsible for your choices, even if you choose not to get involved.  If you don't look beyond the carrot dangling in front of your eyes, you'll never see the grinning man who dangles that carrot because he wants to control your mind. Lets take the illusion of free will in America. Boy, we've just got so many choices this must be freedom. Look again. Your so-called god given choices are being turned into privileges before your very eyes. Of course you always have the choice to not do what your told, but we know that path will eventually leads to violence. Because, the ruling Elite cannot allow any of us to get away with not doing what we're told. Do you think I'm kidding? Try stepping out of line and see what happens.

We have been raised to believe that force, law and order, is necessary to maintain our way of life. When in reality force is necessary to make us do what we're told. We pay for the cost of law enforcement, and it's sole purpose is to implement the acceptance of control over us. The ultimate end of a disagreement with the "Law" is death, imprisonment, or bankruptcy. Granted, I'm not promoting a lawless community, where everyone wears a gun. I personally don't have an interest in hurting other people. But more and more these days I feel my rights being compromised for very simple things. Like when I want to walk my dog off leash, or drive without a seat belt heaven forbid. A democracy would work, but not when it's compromised by capitalism. Not when our representation is driven by individual need. So, the sum of your choices ends up being purely consumer choices. What color car do you want to buy, or do you want new carpet or tile? You cannot choose to not pay your taxes, or even what they're spent on. You can choose to not pay your auto insurance, or to not put your seat belt on, but it will cost you money, and eventually the "privilege" of driving. You are not even free to just walk the planet, without permission from the various "Governments" that will stand in your way. This is the new millennium and the peoples of the earth are still contained within barriers we were told were erected for our protection. We hide fearfully behind concepts of difference, clinging hopelessly to the illusion we are somehow better than the people on the other side of the fence. When in all actuality they were erected to keep us in, to keep us under control. Americans flaunt our "Most favored Slave" status to the peoples of the world, when we are the most hopelessly lost. The only freedom you have that comes with a good ending is to do what your told. Unless, of course, you have lots of money, money can buy you freedom. 

How are you being controlled? Whenever you threaten the drug of an addict, you can manipulate the addict. You are controlled by threats to your drug supply. Your drug is the illusion of consumerism. You either worship or you are controlled by money. You think that because you can buy stuff, that you are free. When you have lots of money you are happy, when your broke you are sad. It is your addiction to stuff that has enslaved you. Even the concept of Democracy in America is nothing but a tool being made to enslave your mind. Democracy and Capitalism are two diametrically opposed ideas. Capitalism is about the power of a few over the many. Democracy is about the many having the power to protect themselves from the few. Because we ignored the warnings of our founding fathers, the average working class American no longer has access to his government. This government is becoming more and more unaccountable to the average citizen. Our founding fathers warned us not to allow individuals to own our government by owning our federal bank. We didn't listen, and we appointed people who didn't have the courage to stand up to the bankers, and the bankers won. Now we're in debt to a sum we can never hope to pay, and our pimp is about to come and collect.

America has become the dark empire of the world. Under the illusion of freedom we have supported the rise of the most powerful force of tyranny history has ever seen. We have given a secret organization access to the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction that will ever be achievable ever again. Billions of dollars a year to black ops research and development, the results of which we have never seen, at least not yet. We have allowed our CIA to become the most powerful underworld organization the world has ever seen. Dealing in narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and illegal weapons sales. We are responsible for the oppression of practically every third world nation on the planet, and lately some of the second world nations. Western colonialism is still furthering an agenda that is determined to never let these countries rise above barbarism. In fact we support a regime that is actively determined to eliminate half the worlds population. They created the Aids virus, they make the profit off of the sale of aids drugs. The black madness we first witnessed with the rise of Adolph Hitler never died. It was smuggled into America, and has been growing in the dark ever since. Now it has us in the same grip, only now there are fewer countries that can stand in its way. If you don't trust me, why do you trust the man with the bomb? Do you really know him better than you know me? Have you ever been to lunch with him? 

In a real sense, the average American is now expendable. We have been the illusion standing in front of this evil menace. Now we are no longer needed.  In the last two decades, the Constitution of the United States of America has been decimated. It stands now only as a token to illusion. All the policy's are in place to eradicate it forever. This dark menace is poised to begin eliminating the American people, as we are the only real obstacles in its path. By the spring of next year, the "Market Surprise" will be in full swing. America will be plunging into its second and last great depression. Every, would be Tyrant who has studied history knows a wealthy middle class is the largest threat to tyranny. You can't expect 8.2 trillion dollars, roughly 75% of the stock markets value as of two years ago, to just disappear without an effect. Along with that will be more "terrorist" attacks with far greater casualties than Sept. 11th. You won't know what to do, or what to think.

Already the stress is taking its toll. You see it all around you every day. The other day we heard in the news that four Army Special Forces soldiers, who had returned from Afghanistan, had killed their wives in the last six weeks. Two of them committing suicide afterwards. Little girls being kidnapped raped and murdered, has become the latest fad crime. The economy is slowing and most of us don't have as much money in our savings as we did before Bush took office two years ago. Such a short period of time for America to be plunged into this current darkness. To add insult to injury, the pharmaceutical companies have called your stress General Anxiety Disorder. They act like nothings wrong and that if your experiencing these symptoms, you're suffering from a chemical imbalance and they can fix you. They presume the state of the world to be the best it's ever been, and they show you happy pictures of happy people hopelessly drugged into an even deeper mindless oblivion. If this period in history is emotionally trying for you, that’s a healthy response. It means your human and your not comfortable with the level of human suffering currently occurring on the planet. It means you have healthy compassion and still have a remote sense of the differences between right and wrong. Your supposed to get mad when you know your being fucked over and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it. While the mainstream media is doing everything it can to make you feel like you’re the only unhappy person on your block. The current media dialogue strives to totally destroy the difference between good and evil making the world gray. Every generation presumes it will learn from the mistakes of the one before it. Are we learning the lessons? Are we learning that we're all in this together, no matter where we live on the planet? We're all suffering the effects of global warming. In a few short years we'll be out of fresh water. Call me alarmist? When do you think would be a good time to sound the alarm? When you're standing in line for fresh water rations.

According to the Board of Directors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the time on the "Doomsday Clock" the symbol of nuclear danger has moved from nine to seven minutes to midnight, the same setting at which the clock debuted 55 years ago. Since the end of the Cold War in 1991, this is the third time the hand has moved forward. What does this mean? It means the world has slipped back to the edge of the nuclear abyss. Why? Because as American citizens we failed to make choices that would keep the world safe from us. We allowed a common criminal to steal our Presidency, simply because we have been lulled into mindlessness by our immature needs of vanity. Meaning, the future of the human civilization hangs on the thread of what we do next. We have fallen for the illusion of bipolar politics in this country. We have been trained to not depend on our neighbor, yet alone trust them. America is about rugged individualism. It's every man for Himself. That is complete and utter BULLSHIT. We are not rugged individualists. We are a delicately balanced ecosystem dramatically dependent upon each other to keep this huge machine going. Our issues are our neighbor's issues, and vice verse. This BULLSHIT has divided us and conquered us. We can no longer agree on even the basic needs of our society without conflict. We cannot come to the realization that our constitution gives a woman the right to choose what to do with her body, not that it ever should have been anyone else's decision anyway. We argue over our control over other people, and the maturity level of our laws has been reduced to that of children in a playground fighting for the swing. Meanwhile, our hidden puppet masters have been laying their plans and robbing us blind.

In just two short years, George W. Bush has brought the world back to the brink of world war, and for what? Profit! So that his military industrial buddy's can continue to rape the American taxpayer, while whipping him into a frenzy of fear of his neighbor. Can any of us trust each other anymore? Any one of us could be the terrorist. I'm sure if you look around you're terrorizing someone, either spiritually or emotionally. The Christian right is terrorizing the women of this country by telling them they don't have sovereignty over their bodies. The white supremacists are terrorizing brown people, while the angry brown people are terrorizing those white people who are terrified of angry belligerent people. The Bankers terrify the homeowners, and the children terrify their parents, because they see this all as madness. How did we get here? We were guided by people who's only intent was to ruin us and drive us to destruction. We need to reintroduce ourselves to our neighbor. We need to call, or write, or send an e-mail to our government representatives and remind them of the price for treason. They have betrayed us. They need to be reminded whom they work for. We need to remove the citizen status of the multinational corporations and make them pay to clean up their mess. We need to make sure our Presidency represents the majority of this country, not the wealthy elite minority. Because, in reality you will probably never belong to that minority no matter how hard you try. Mostly, we need to get over ourselves, and come to the realization that if this country crashes, we all burn no matter how better off or prepared you think you are. Time is short. Time to wake up.