The Shadow of Empire
Is America a democratic nation encouraging liberty for all, or an illusion cast upon an unsuspecting populace unknowingly supporting Imperialism abroad?
By Dale G. Cox

The Key Chronology of Events

When I originally set out to create this essay, my focus was going to be on the probability that Gary Web had been right to point a finger at the CIA as being involved in cocaine trafficking in the Los Angeles area in the early 1980's. The trick with conspiracy's though is the verifiable evidence. So, even though the State Department removed a key witness under the pretenses of national security, we still can't prove that what Gary Web said is true, hence we can't really prove that the CIA was involved. Or that officials in the CIA or government would so blatantly break the laws they are sworn to uphold. So, seeing as how I couldn't really prove anything more than the next conspiracy theorist, I decided to see what else I couldn't prove. You may find this interesting.

The next thing I decided to do was to combine several timelines from several other areas of conspiracy theory and see what it all looked like together, kinda like what the pie looked like before it all got cut up. The first entry is about George H. W. Bush. I believe he was the undercurrent that ran through this period and beyond, and created the Iran Contra conspiracy. You'll also note that I call it a conspiracy, not a scandal. It was not a scandal, scandal's happen in hollywood, it was a conspiracy. And it would be good for most Americans to begin to recognize the way words are used to create images in our mainstream press. To call something a scandal, when it is clearly a conspiracy, is to mislead in a dangerous way.

I think the key problem with this era is that we were coming out of the darker more nebulous times of Watergate and the whole Vietnam hassle, we had gotten a little tired of looking at the dark truth of the people we had in power. Ronald Reagan was literally an actor, a showman to raise and rally American spirit with the old glory. The country apparently never looked into the history of his Governor ship in California. But then that's what we're talking about. How strange it is that these individuals express acts that aren't totally wholesome, and when it comes time for them to move up the ladder, no one talks about these old issues. I'm not going to go into the Reagan Governor ship, like I'm not going to go into the history of Prescott Bush, George's father. Lets just suffice to say the concept of private ownership of our major media resources has led to a dangerously ill-informed public. We should spend more time in the backgrounds of these people. The proverbial "They", the ones someone always ushers to the forefront of our attention to replace "the guy doing the terrible job".

When was the last time we had a Commoner for president. Strange way to put it eh, Commoner. Our system was originally set up for that to happen. But the other invisible conspiracy in our history, the private takeover of our financial economy, has quietly put an end to that. Thus, we have more of a Plutocracy than a democracy. Money has more influence over the comings and goings in this country than its people do. Now we face a growing economic complex, that is more than willing to prove to us a democratic government is useless to us in today's world. Thus, the creation of the World Bank and its partner, the World Trade Organization. It should be noted that wherever a democracy chooses capitalism as it key economic base, plutocracy will follow and democracy will eventually be eliminated. Stayed tuned in America, and you will watch this happen in the coming decades. FEMA, a once legal, now illegal organization, is set up to be the vehicle. FEMA has been altered from its original intention, to give it the power to remove our constitutional government when it becomes to cumbersome for the soon to be business one. You should ask yourself what the product of this new company (of america) will be?  Us. 

We have already been turned into the product. The unregulated manipulation of a paper money economy creates haves and have-nots. If you push drugs on your have-nots. Then, create a capitalistic judicial system complete with privatized incarceration, by creating criminals you create product. If you then turn around and jack the "Haves" for the cost, on the premise they are making "Their" streets safer for "Their" kids, you create a happy monopoly. Oh, and don't forget, more ideological division, which is always good for the future. The future where fear is your tool for control. Which brings us to George Bush's "War on Drugs". It should read "Covert takeover of America", because as most americans don't notice. The laws they change to give them the right to pursue drugs and drug users more freely, are actually the laws in our constitution that give us the most protection from a rogue government. They are the very laws that establish our liberty. "Well, what do you have to hide", becomes the new stupid catch word of the day. Spoken by people who are essentially terrified of themselves and responsibility, and want someone else to be responsible for them. These people are slaves. They are not deserving of the concepts of liberty that respond to that question with, "Non of your Fucking business". Believe it or not, to say that used to be one of our rights, as well as, "NO, you may not enter my home or my property". It must be these same people who fall for politicians kissing babies, and playing baseball, and acting like normal folks. Well face it folks, these men are not normal, they are the wealthy elite and don't you ever forget it. An invisible wall larger then the one in China, exists between us and "Them".

Take a look at the chronology. Contrary to the will of our Congress, which I might remind you is "Us", Ronald Reagan willfully pursued a policy of aggression in Central America. In essence, he wielded dictatorial powers in conflict with the will of the nation. He took our saber out of its sheathe and waged a covert war that hurt many people. All while we watched and were lulled to sleep by corporate owned media giving us good heartfelt reasons as to why he was doing this. Acts like this have to make you ask, what is the responsibility of the President, and who is he accountable to? If Ronald Reagan was not accountable to us, who was he accountable too? Who was George Bush accountable to when , as president himself, he decided to invade Panama. The United States of America had no context with which to invade another sovereign nation. Least of all Panama. It was a smaller defenseless nation, other measures could have been taken. But no, we struck with villainous force, left more than four thousand innocent civilians dead, and made ourselves look good in the American Media. While the world, horrified by our imperialistic act, had a vote in the United Nations and overwhelmingly deplored the U.S. actions in Panama as a "flagrant violation of international law". That issue got little attention from main stream press. When George Bush should have been impeached and jailed.

I think after looking at all the details, it was that aspect alone that concerned me the most. That certain elect officials in this country could basically use "Us" as they saw fit and get entirely away with it. Break our laws then use the law to protect themselves. The fourth to last entry in the chronology is that of George Bush pardoning the men who could have given damaging testimony against him in the Iran Contra conspiracy. What does that say about our Judicial system? To say he had no involvement, when he was responsible for all the people who did, is to paint himself an idiot. I don't think a man with George Bush's political background is an idiot. I think he is well connected, and has the ability to circumnavigate, our laws and law enforcement agency's with a mere phone call. How else could he have survived Iran Contra and still be around to usher his son into the next presidency? How many of us can call a Senator or a Judge, or a high level Official in "Our" government? None of us commoners can. Hence the distinction. Even if we can't prove what George Bush did, we can see what he was able to do to protect himself. Is it inherent in human nature to imagine huge villains? Or do we just have so many in our history, that it would be naive of us to think absolute power doesn't corrupt?

Take a look at the level of involvement the CIA had in the areas of mention. To say that our CIA doesn't have affiliations with black-market smuggling of arms and drugs would be absurd. Note its involvement with Manuel Noriega. In the bio links below he is linked to spying for the CIA from 1955 to 1986, and drug trafficking. If you pursue the details of the Oliver North testimony, you can't help but feel that he was doing his job to inform the American people, "US", of this shadowy nature of those who lead us. The detail with which he describes the organization he built has to give you a clue to the effectiveness of our covert expression. The only question remaining, is who's got control of that mechanism? If most of it's activities are classified under "National Security", how are we to know what they are doing. It's like, the very premise of having spies and covert ops, moves us as a country into the realm of global competition, because we must have a goal and an enemy. It is without honor. It implies a people would never be able to govern themselves along the line of true integrity, without falling prey to such agencies. Which means that the true scope of American purpose is not in the open. The true scope of American purpose is in the shadow of what we profess ourselves to be. How can you have a lie within you, and not become the lie. Only if you live by the truth in your heart can you be true to who you are. To be subject to a lie within, rather than an external truth, this is sin. America will pay the karma for this sin, everyone of us. It is time we brought our lie out of the closet, before it consumes us.

Peace, Liberty, and Happiness, are the victims of this Shadow Empire. When they are all gone, all that will stand in their place is evil. Do you think your children will be safe then?

The following is a list of links I researched in getting background for this piece. Hopefully they will be useful to you. This essay is far from over, it has only just begun. I will, in time, link it with other pertinent works to hopefully illumine the tracks of our illusive beast. Stay tuned, stay informed......................and for heavens sake boys "keep your powder dry!"


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The Opium Kings  PBS Frontline report on the history of European govts. and the profitability of drugs for them. Has an excellent chronology of events.

"The Panama Deception". An excellent documentary on the aftermath of "Operation Just Cause". Raises good questions as to who was accountable, and what really happened.