History of a Rogue Nation
Reflection on a dark Empire
By Dale G. Cox

How does the world see America? Not the way we think they do. In America, we are victims of a tightly controlled Corporate media web. All the information that comes to us via mainstream media is censored and filtered. Every action our government makes is consistently validated by a system of professional validation. The illusionary concept of the expert witness has been perfected in America. We believe everything we're told simply because we've been trained to accept the opinion of the expert witness. We've been trained to accept the opinions and thought of those who present themselves to us as educated individuals. Our government is more increasingly run by CEO's and businessmen, because they have been successful at running huge company's and organizations. They are our ever vigilant shepherds, and we trust them to protect us. They consistently advertise a concern for our well being, and passionately debate the pro's and con's of their actions taken on our behalf. We believe they're actions to be well thought out and researched.

Well the time is rapidly descending upon us when we will have to learn to judge their actions taken on our behalf. They are increasingly leading America into an isolationist posture in relation to the world community. They already have our armed forces engaged in action of Imperialism and oppression, while we believe we are helping people. The mainstream media is used to create the stories we are led to believe. Much the way a Hollywood director seeks to convince us his movie is real, by the images he chooses to impress upon us. Well the following is a brief timeline outlining some key issues you will need to acquire a perspective upon. We will eventually be called upon to pass judgment upon those who have usurped our sovereignty as Americans. We will need to reclaim control of our Armed forces, our Constitution, and our way of life. Because the path we walk towards isolationism will only lead to conflict. In the area of conflict, we have not had a Vietnam for a few years now. We live with a false sense of military superiority. We may be able to bomb the rest of the world back into the stone age, but history is complete with the fall of every major empire that has risen within our brief period of history. Usually in violence. We will not be able to enjoy our way of life unless every other country on the planet can do the same. We cannot set double standards on not expect them to eventually be thrown in our face. If we attempt to do so, life for many of us will end in violence. Or worse yet, the collective fallout of our unguided self-defense.

The following is a brief timeline listing some actions we have/or have not taken in the interest of our National agenda. You need to be aware of this agenda and the truth of its expression in the world beyond the media umbrella that protects you from our consistent expression of barbarity. This list will evolve as more research brings to light the truth of actions presumably taken on our behalf.

2001, 31 August - September 7  The World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance  Key concepts being called up for discussion are Racism in Israel perpetrated by the Jews against Palestinians, and the question of slave reparations for America's period of slavery. The United States refuses to send a high level delegation on the basis of this terminology, then withdraws its observational delegation in protest, forcing the EU and South African delegations to draw up new wording to keep the American delegation there. Essentially strong arming the conference into accepting its agenda.

2001, March, George Bush Jr. says the United States won't OK the 1997 Kyoto Pact. The loss of the United States in the deal motivated the other big players, Japan, to ratify the agreement. One key issue still drifting in the gray, was that of punishment for non compliant country's, namely us.

1999, Senate rejects the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

1997, The United States refuses to sign the Ottowa Treaty, eliminating anti-personnel land mines.[text]

1996,  September 10th, The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. This is a turning point in the history of efforts towards nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. The treaty was opened for signature on 24 September. 79 nations have signed the treaty. The United States has not signed the treaty. On September 1st, 2001, the Bush administration announced plans to resume nuclear testing in preparation for the development of a new class short range battlefield tactical nike.

1989, December 29,  75 members of the  United Nations votes to condemn the U.S. invasion of Panama as a "Flagrant violation of international law".

1983, December,  UN resolution 38/39, International convention to condemn Apartheid in South Africa. 128 countries vote for the suppression and punishment for the crime of Apartheid. Only two vote against the resolution, the United States and the United Kingdom.