The Reflection of Evil

The first thing to understand about evil is that it can only enter the material world through us. The second thing to remember about evil is that it is real. Practically every history and religion on the planet earth today, tells us of the existence of evil. Yet in just the last five hundred years, humanity has “matured” to the perspective that the world of spirit does not exist. This revelation is a direct result of our pursuit of physical science and technology. Our seeming ability to conquer the elements of the material world around us has given us the sense that we, in the material sense, are superior to every other form of life on the planet. This barbaricly childish reasoning has led us deeper into an illusion of our selves that is rapidly becoming our undoing.

The world of spirit is real, has been real, is currently real, and will continue to be real long after our current material reality has long since become dust. That’s because the universe is composed of “organized energy”, we are composed of organized energy. We are energy. We are not our physical bodies, they are simply an amusement park ride we get on and get off of each lifetime. The problem for us lies in our childish insistence that the ride is real. We get so caught up in the excitement of the moment, we don’t want it to end, and we want it to stay the same forever. Well, we can’t. 

We see death as an end, rather than a beginning. Our common fear of death is based in our disbelief of reincarnation. This is a product of materialism. We think death is the end, once the body dies it’s all over. Death taught us fear, fear taught us violence, and our lives have been corrupted ever since. We are addicted to our material illusion. Because, we believe more in our individual physical expressions than we do our true spiritual expressions. We are incapable of understanding what happens in death. We watch the physical body-grow old as a thing and death becomes just the end of a thing. What we can’t notice without a proper spiritual disposition, is that the physical body is like a drug for us. As spirit, it gives us the chance to explore a whole different reality from a variety of different lifetimes. As spirit, we never die. As spirit, our destiny lies far beyond what or where we are now. The material world for us is a manifestation of the spiritual creativity. Light, water, and minerals all participate in the forming of life, but the two, water and mineral are physical elements. Light represents the cosmic fire that initiates the combining of elements into higher forms and eventually into us. The physical body dies when we, as spirit, leave it, but we as spirit live on, learning from our interactive experiences in the material world. 

The trick to understanding this is realizing you’re watching five dimensional TV.  The five physical senses, taste, touch, smell, seeing, and hearing, are the reality we perceive outside of ourselves when we are awake. We are somewhere else on the inside. We go someplace else during sleep. The material world can be just as much illusion as your imagination. You must realize that almost 99% of the way you in particularly see the world, is generated in your mind, not outside of it. Input from the five senses make the illusion believable. If your internal reactions have already been trained by the nature of your environment, you are caught in the spell we call culture. Which means to a certain extent, you are predictable. If you are predictable, you can be tricked. If everyone in the room is equally predictable, tricking the whole room will only reinforce the trick for all involved, and it will be easier than trying to trick just one person at a time. In fact, the more people you can trick at any given time, the stronger will be the perceptions of the individuals involved that there was no trick. Sound tricky? This is the nature of material illusion. 

A tree is just a tree; it will not play tricks on you. In fact it won’t even move for you. People, on the other hand, can be elusive. The reason a person can be something else on the inside than they are on the outside, is because we are not the physical body, we are multidimensional beings. The physical body is like a car with tinted windows that we ride around in. You can only see what’s inside if you look real carefully.You can’t see all of us with just the five material senses. Emotions are not achieved via the material senses, you can’t see, smell, taste, hear, or touch an emotion. Feeling is one of our multidimensional senses. Our feelings are invisible to the material world, because feelings are energy. Those impulses of energy and can have a localized effect upon the physical body they emanate from. The heart races, the mind is burdened with illusion, the body feels sick, etc. At night when we sleep, as spirit, we leave our bodies like a light switch being turned off. More specifically, when we sleep, our astral body and our “I am” leave, and our etheric body stays with the physical body. Sustaining and restoring its vitality for when we return in the morning and the light switch is turned on.

Energy exists in a variety of forms. The form of energy we call feelings is the most intense expression of energy we can perceive from a purely material perspective. These impulses we call feelings originate in a place energetically beyond our feelings, in perception. A place where we originate as pure energy, or spirit. Feelings are our spirits reaction to what our senses perceive, and the mind imagines in response to those perceptions. But feelings can also feel other feelings. From a material perspective, the spirit world is an invisible world within us that encompasses everything outside of us.  This world is visible to the clairvoyant, and it is becoming more visible for many of us. If you think your suffering from General Anxiety Disorder, you could be one of the people beginning to perceive the spirit world. But, you do not need Paxil. From a material perspective going within, the first expression perceivable of the spirit world is the feelings. Feelings of strong emotion that pass through us unexplained. Intuition becomes the concept of perceiving the spiritual posture behind the actions of others. The spiritual posture, or intent, is the true essence of any action taken. The intent is provided by the sum of your entire spiritual existence in coordination with the purely material perceptions of your current physical body. Your choice. Your karma is based not on your material actions, but on the spiritual intent behind them. God exists in this world of spirit; it probably does not even see us in the material. Its relationship to us exists in this world of energy. To it we are energy. It is the source to which we aspire. It calls us within to learn more about ourselves.

Demons are spirit too. They also exist in the world of energy. Evil would tempt us out into our material limitations. They do not want us to develop the ability to understand ourselves spiritually. They enter through the animal nature within our genetic ancestry, what we like to call our primitive past. That animal is still very much a part of us today. Passion and physical attraction are the sum of our experience of the animal within. The trick is the animal has been subordinated to our higher thinking functions. If those higher thinking functions become vulnerable to illusion, the animal can be tempted. It is no mistake in our culture that the naked form, be it male or female is most blatantly used as an icon to tempt animality within us. Desire leads to competition and the public animalistic mating ritual. The public degradation of sex that we allow to be exhibited within our culture corrupts our perception of one of our most sacred forms of self-expression and union. The process occurs gradually, over time we are tempted to sex in a material sense rather than a spiritual one. And yet for most people the key point of enjoyment in sex is the spiritual orgasm that occurs at the height of arousal, especially when that leap is taken with a loving companion. But fear of physical rejection encourages us to jealousy and egotistical competition. Modern media stimulates this perpetual competition.

Modern media has become the most impressive medium for transplanting concepts into human consciousness in all of recorded history. With the assistance of pharmaceutical drugs, the combination can be lethal to a healthy human spirit. Media draws the culture we presume to aspire to. Media is both reflective and subjective. Fear is the primary entryway media uses to get into a human spirit. It was your parent’s responsibility to instill fear in you as a child. Humans instinctively abhor violence with other humans, that’s why violence shocks us into different thought forms and emotional postures. Media breaks our abhorance to violence through repeated exposure. Once the violence tool is firmly embedded in the human psyche, purely psychological constructs can be attached to the fear of physical violence. That will no longer require the act of violence to actually occur, the mere threat invokes the memory of past violence, and the subject will respond. These are the basic concepts of animal husbandry. Yes folks, you are in essence, cattle. That’s not to say you don’t have hope. You are a divine child of god; you will always have hope because you will always have choice. What you have to acquire on your own, is realization.

Because we have been bred to dislike any form of violence against us, violence is what’s used to corrupt us. Karma should have taught you by now that all of your actions return to you. If not, time to get with the program, because it does. Of course, because you have only just come to this realization, don’t expect things to get immediately better because you suddenly suffered a case of remorse. This may play like a game, but the results are for real. If you constantly generate bad intent towards others, you will fall with the rest of the falling angels. These very fallen angels are the ones that seek to tempt you to ill. When the jerk in traffic cuts you off, they are the upswell of violence you experience at the moment of anger. You may have noticed that when your day is one case of anger after another, by the end of the day you don’t feel so good. Lets look at that again. Lots of anger makes us feel bad; therefore it cannot be good. It could be that simple. Your power of choice is sufficient to overcome this urge, provided you are able to clear your mind of illusion, and make decisions that lead to your greater wellbeing. The universe cannot be tricked, and you are not clever enough to trick it. Human vanity is our greatest weakness. We think we can outsmart anything. This is materialist thinking based on a disbelief in the spirit. Approach the universe in wonderment and awe and you will see the glory of heaven revealed to you.

This reality calls us to participate. Calls us to hear the stories of our brethren written in the histories of every peoples of the world. When we can achieve a point where we consciously choose to have only good intention to the people we meet in life. We begin to move in a different direction. In time, the intent we have sincerely displayed and felt will begin to have an effect on the actions that come back to us. In time, and with conscious practice, one could even achieve the perspective that all actions taken against you are for the betterment of your soul, and are the reflected expression of your will to be. This is the positive side of karma, it’s not designed to hurt us, it’s designed to teach us. This, will to be, can be compromised by illusion, if the individual chooses in ignorance. Mistakes allow us the opportunity to correct painful behaviors. Ego has us believe we can get away with it. The landscape of your consciousness is not the world you perceive externally with the five material senses. It is an internal world you must learn to see. It is like a vessel that must be guided. By choosing good, as with evil, you build behaviors that eventually call good things to you. While with evil, the incidents get increasing more difficult to navigate.

If  we remove the external metaphor of war and violence, and just look at the nature of conflict. We observe that the concept of conflict is inherent in nature. Now as materialists we have a pretty varying definition of conflict. And this isn’t to say all conflict is bad. Because in essence, conflict is simply change. The Universe exists in a constant state of change. This constant change often stimulates violence, but violence doesn’t have to stimulate violence. When the individual responds to violence with violence, the individual has been tempted down the wrong path. We all know the process of opening our hearts requires us to dismantle the defenses surrounding it. Emotionally, our culture exists in a state of emotional trauma incited by the very violent nature of our fear. We already have fortresses built around our hearts sometimes before we even enter the first grade. We spend our lives trying to accommodate this trauma. Which is almost impossible to do without the recognition of the realm of spirit. While the element of evil in our midst is steady inspiring us to commit more violence, ever deepening the pool of karma among us? Which in our next life almost certainly means there too will we encounter karma we don’t feel we deserved. Every choice we make moves us up or down. It is the evil within us that incites us to seek its refection in others. Likewise, good will incite us to seek its reflection in others. Which do you prefer?  The choice is yours.