The Question of Socialism

This is one of the most important times in history for the American people.  I know people say that all the time.  Then, we face the crisis and everything seems to keep going. But, I can't emphasize that statement enough.  I think most of us realize that, but some of you are still on the fence.  It is the designed nature of our democracy to assimilate change and transform.  The question is whether or not we the people can assimilate change and transform, and whether or not we are the authors of the change or if changes are being forced upon us by circumstance.  I believe we are currently sustaining a great many changes that are being forced upon us by manufactured circumstances.  Circumstances manufactured by individuals to create profit for individuals, at the expense of the majority.  The question then becomes, how long will it take us to come to the realization that capitalism is destroying our democracy?  How long will it take us to realize that despite appearances, the people in Washington don't work for us anymore?  I say "us" because you must realize that if we are to have a democracy, it must serve "us" in totality, as "we the people". It is not a functional democracy when only a minority of us is served, at the expense of the majority.  Now some of our leaders in Washington are trying to terrorize us with the word "Socialist", to convince us to accede authority to the "Capitalist"?  In the same way they succeeded in terrifying us with the "War on Terror", as an excuse to plunge us deeper into debt to these very same capitalists.  While, the real "Terror War" that we are currently engaged in, is an "Economic" one.  A war that I should not need to say we are loosing.  I hope most of you realize that, even those of you who feel you survived the initial effect of the sub-prime attack.  Our position in the economic food chain has been dramatically weakened.  Indeed, the entire food chain has just been dealt a very serious blow.  Our treasury was robbed and most of you didn't realize it.  Meanwhile, the very infrastructure of our civilization is crumbling before our very eyes, and we can't afford to fix it. 

An absurd thought,  that we are the, so-called, wealthiest nation on the earth and, "we can't afford to fix it".  So what do I mean we can't afford to fix it.  Simply that!  Ninety-five percent of America's wealth is controlled by less than five percent of its population.  Should I repeat that for you?  I know you've heard it a sufficient number of times to minimize your reaction to it.  Why?  Because its a carrot they dangle in front of you, telling you, you can be a CEO too, but only if you consent to let conditions remain the way they are. We all crave economic self-sufficiency, that is the path to freedom.  Free to buy anything you want, free to go any where you want to for as long as you want to, anytime you want to.  Free to afford the doctor to fix you when your ill, free to fix the problems we experience living in economic slavery.  Except, it would seem that ninety-five percent of us have not been successful in this endeavor, ever.  Now our very communities are vulnerable, in danger of being reduced to third world status.  Look at California, biggest state in the country, teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.  What happens when Police and Fire resources are reduced?  Will those who have the most money and pay more of the taxes, get these services before everyone else?  If you're one of the reduced middle-class, will your house simply be allowed to burn?  Not just because you can't afford the privelage of paying for services.  But maybe because the water in your subdivision has been rationed or just shut off because your town can't afford to fix the pipes, and neither can you and your neighbors.  This is the direction in which we are headed.

It is truly a testament to our patience and tolerance as a people, that we allow some of the people in Washington and on Wall Street to still walk the streets of our nation freely.  This latest test of our patience, the slinging of the word "Socialist", is a reprehensible insult to the very fabric of our nation. Heres how it works.  If you live with one or more persons, with whom you SHARE the cost of your and their survival, you are essentially socialist.  Feel free to dispute my interpretation of the term "Socialist".  That is your right. But, the fact remains, if your sharing the cost of your existence with another human being, you are behaving in a socialistic way.

The Hyper dictionary definition of Socialism:

Definition:        1.  [n] a political theory advocating state
                               ownership of industry
                         2.  [n] an economic system based on state
                               ownership of capital

You are the state!  Let me repeat that. YOU ARE THE STATE!!!  In the same way you cooperate with those you co-habitat with.  You cooperate with your neighbors for the services we need to maintain our way of life.  We pay to build Firehouses and Police stations, freeways, parks, schools, libraries, and pay the people to work in and maintain those resources.  We pay for a military, to protect not just your home, on your block, in your town, in your state, but also the periferral boundaries of this great nation.  You share those costs with every tax paying citizen in the United States of America.  You are the state, and you are a co-owner in the resources of the State.  What you may not know, is that we are at War, and we have been at war for a very long time.  With whom, you may ask?  Certainly not with armed thugs trained covertly by assets of our own intelligence community.  But with a foreign state comprised, not so much of physical resources and locality, but with financial resources and liquid locality.  This state has cunningly attached itself to the jugular of this American nation, and is sucking the life blood from our country.  It is continually engaged in the sale and acquisition of our social resources.  A private company collects our taxes.  A private company controls the printing and distribution of our money.  For which we pay an astronomical fee.  Private individuals control our health care industry.  A small group of private individuals control the banking industry that loans us the money we need to live in America.  Most of our power industry is privately owned.  While all these resources are owned by Americans, the concepts of our democracy do not have influence, because these are private "for profit" companies.

What you really need to grasp is the historical concept that individuals have been engaged in the control and manipulation of the masses, ever since!  Since the beginning of our civilization when the first caveman showed the courage to step out in front of the crowd and attack the threat single handed.  The birth of the first chief ushered in the dawn of geopolitic.  Since well before the middle-ages, we the people have been a resource to those who would step out to address the threat.  To every action there is a reaction, thats why we do things, to see the reaction.  You must understand the nature of culture created by the authority of the church.  By the term culture, I mean, what sort of environment for opportunity was created by the establishment of the church.  We can see from the history of the church, where the position of Pope eventually became a commodity for purchase.  Because, the position created the opportunity for the economic advancement of individuals.  Likewise, Monarchy's, Governments, every organization given authority over the body politic, will eventually drift from its original purpose via the influence of the individuals who populate it.  Cell phones were originally a luxury, but since they became a popular luxury, it gave the individuals who controlled it the opportunity to change the contractual nature of commerce.  The two year contract was the result.  In the same way, before auto insurance was mandated by law, when it was a selective luxury, it had no power, as soon as it was mandated by law it had power over us.  Today insurance is no longer a commodity, now it is a leverage tool.  It has become a privelage to be earned, not a service to be purchased.  You could say that these industries are socialistic in nature because we all use them, but they are still for profit ventures, that provide profit, not for the masses that patronize them, but for the individuals that own them.  But we wouldn't call the cell phone industry, or the insurance industry socialistic.  But in the same way, the pharmaceuticals industry just became more socialistic in its positioning.  The new Medicare programs put that industry closer to the financial source than it was before, and in the same way we can expect that to happen to the entire medical industry once Obama pushes through his medical plan.  Oh yes, the big med corps will kick and scream all the way, but in the end they will be on the inside with more power than they had before.  It proves that reverse psychology does work.

It is interesting that recently I was watching a history channel show on the Knights Templar, and their execution at the hands of "Prince Phillip the Fair" of France in 1314.  So I Googled up "Phillip the Fair" and preceded to the Wikipedia site where it said: "Philip was hugely in debt to the Knights Templar, a monastic military order who had been acting as bankers for some two hundred years.  As the popularity of the Crusades had decreased, support for the Order had waned, and Philip used a disgruntled complaint against the Order as an excuse to disband the entire organization, so as to free himself from his debts".  The debt in question was war debt.  But it gets better.  The next paragraph down goes into his expulsion of the Jews, "While King Edward ordered the Jews to leave England in 1290, Philip the Fair expelled the Jews from France in 1306, ostensibly for oppressive money-lending policies".  So, why did I divert to these historical references?  Heres the kicker, this was in the early thirteen hundreds.  War debt and the notion of oppressive money lending practices, shows that only the scenery has changed, the game is still the same.  A game certain individuals have been playing, not for decades, but for centuries.  And we've been playing right along with them.  The modern day banker occupies the same position as the historical King.  We all live on the Kings land, and pay rent to the King for the use of the land and for the right to do commerce on the Kings land.  You can't have Socialism so long as there is a King.  The two concepts are diametrically opposed, much the same way Democracy and Capitolism are diametrically opposed.

In order for Socialism to exist, there can be no King, there can be no all controlling "I" at the top, there can be no "top" of the pyramid.  Thus it is realistic to believe that the current mention of the word Socialism as relates to the federal bailout of certain industries, is nothing more than an illusion being cast about to confuse us to the reality of the matter.  They do this to us alot, and we need to be dramatically offended when they do.  We need to be offended, because if we show no reaction, then we have given our consent.  You may not remember, but on February 5th, 2003, several million of us, in conjunction with many more millions around the world, marched to protest George Bush  attacking Iraq.  We were dismissed as a focus group, and as such, not included in the decision making process.  Two things to note with this occurance. 1: going to war is usually an industrial decision not a social one, 2: the historical existence of control structures within the context of our social organisms leads to the establishment of affiliations and associations of individuals, whose hole intent is the control and exercise of said organizations. When you look at the nature of most geopolitical organizations around the world, they all entail the manipulation of the masses, be they democratic, socialist, or even communist.  All that changes is the reward of consent.  Modern China has become a communism that allows its people to pursue capitalism.  We are a capitalism reducing its people to a communism.  The semantics are meaningless, compared to the consistent dynamic they conceal, mainly the control of the many, by the few.  It should be clear to many of you that even the notion of democracy we were taught, doesn't actually exist.  Despite our feedback and electoral preferences, the agenda exists independently of our control and is immune to our influence.

At the heart of it, as a species, we are a socialism.  Three things I like are hot and cold running water, and high speed internet.  These are luxuries I have to depend on other people to provide.  Granted, currency is a practical means of socialistic cooperation, but we can do better than that.  Because it should be becoming painfully obvious, the capitalistic approach is susceptible to a degree of corruption capable of destabilizing our entire civilization.  In order to have this fantastic world we live in we must establish ever deepening bonds of cooperation.  We all need food, shelter, clothing, medical care, transportation, communications, and of course the power to illuminate all these expressions.  If we all need these things to feel civilized, then it is to our mutual benefit, to move these expressions out of the realm of personal profit and into the realm of social benefit.  I don't mind paying for insurance, I just don't want a private for profit industry, mandated to me by law.  We could have a public system with exactly the same standards for drivers, minus the profit element, and our individual cost would probably come down.  John Stewart of the Daily Show on comedy central, was recently playing host to Newt Gingrich.  They were discussing the benefits of government run health care systems, when John completely stymied Newt with the notion that we do run a successful military, so why can't any of our other critical governmental organizations be run as successful?  The only answer possible draws attention to the question of intent.  If most of us can't afford to buy medical insurance, that means we're not using medical services, which means the medical services industries aren't doing the volume of business they could be doing if every American was utilizing medical services on at least a tri-monthly basis for anything.  With the decline of the unions and higher waged jobs that paid for health insurance, the industry must be seeing a decline of subscribers.  You do the math, every aspect of your existence is math to someone else.  In a real sense most of the wars fought in the last five to seven hundred years have evolved around both the production of debt for leverage purposes, and the manipulation of the masses for geopolitical purposes.  All at the behest of the individuals who controlled the control structures within our culture.

While the notion of socialism may not bode well for the individuals who seek to maintain this economic pyramid structure, it does bode well for "US".  IN A VERY REAL SENSE, the planet cannot sustain the elevation of second world social structures to the current level of western consumerism.  If we do our species will sustain a catastrophic reduction within a century.  The future of the human race depends upon the development of social structures capable of eliminating the specific influence of individuals, to represent in a balanced way the elevation of all individuals on the planet to our mutual benefit.  Capitolism does indeed pose a dire threat to the realization of this concept for our future.  Our war with Iraq, created significant profits for individuals, while increasing the degree of debt leverage held over us, the bill payers.  while it appears to be a hard fought success for us as the American taxpayers, the war has been a brilliant success for certain individuals.  If you want to know where this process goes, just look at practically any African nation thats in debt to International bankers for money borrowed by BUSINESSMEN, spirited out of the country by BUSINESSMEN, leaving the people's economy in a depressed condition, with no clear way of paying their country's debts or improving their way of life.  Except via more economic exploitation.  Our human civilization cannot sustain this current model of economics. The time for change is at hand, but this can't be the change administered by individuals, its got to be a group effort.  The current rhetoric being used in regards to the term socialist, is for divisive purposes.  If we can't come to a group consensus, we will remain at the mercy of merciless individuals.  History can be our teacher, but only so long as we have access to it. Don't wait for the lights to go out, because by then it will be too late.