Patterns of Evil
By Dale G. Cox

If you were to look around, would you know how to spot the evil that has infiltrated our everyday lives? Sound like a spooky question coming from a wacko right wing ultra conservative Christian perspective? Well, I’m a long way from being right wing. In fact, to even call me left wing would only serve to perpetuate illusions that have existed for far to long in America. Illusion being, of course, the primary tool of evil.

To understand the patterns of evil, one must first understand the nature of illusion. It is cosmic law that no force, including god, can compromise your will as a spiritual being. This is why god does not interfere in what happens on earth. No, none of this is god’s fault. It’s all ours. Because, as spiritual beings, we needed to learn that all of our actions have reactions within the fabric of the universe. We couldn’t learn that without experiencing it. We couldn’t experience it without freedom of will. Even though nothing or no one can force us to make bad choices, we can be tricked. Evil hides behind illusion. It strives to trick us. Ignorance is the premier tool of illusion. A simple example, the first discovery of sulfur appeared as magic to its discoverer. Today we understand sulfur to be flammable. Two thousand years ago we did not believe we would ever fly without wings. Now thousands of people fly around the world everyday, and except for some occasional mishaps, it is still our safest means of travel. Thus, anything that merely defies the current sense of understanding can appear to the ignorant mind as illusion.

But, the modern media programmers of today’s culture use an even simpler tool called “The specialist”. Used in conjunction with the current media monopolies, “The Specialist”, plays a key roll in establishing concepts within our culture today. Coordinate the specialist concept with the imagination concept in the form of cinema and you create the illusion of cultural values. Why else would Bush Jr. have made a trip to Hollywood to talk to directors about making films to instill nationalistic pride in the wake of the 911 bombings. It worked for Adolf Hitler. When we see leaders portrayed by Hollywood as upstanding, honest, moral based, and compassionate. We believe the same of our real leaders, even though the real people have never had to prove that that’s who they are. Then to our dismay, sometime later, we find out our leaders really weren’t what we thought they were. We feel betrayed, but media reassures us that it was just that one bad apple. All the rest of our cardboard leaders are still good. Media has become the primary tool of evil in our current time because a majority of Americans believe in the specialist. Thus, we rely on others to establish the truth of our reality. Which means we will always be vulnerable to deception. Ignorant of truths that are vital to our survival. 

In light of our ignorance, we depend on specialists in a variety of areas to keep us informed on issues that are important to us as individuals, groups, and as society in general. We listen to Allan Greenspan because he is the leading most authority on keeping our economy going. We listen to the Doctor because he has spent at least eight years studying the human body and it’s many functions, we even listen to the Pastors in our churches because they tell us they have dedicated their lives to walking with God. The only problem is all of these individuals are human too. They all suffer the same weaknesses we do. Thus, they are all exposed to the same temptations we are, and we have seen all of them fall. 

Our belief in “The Specialist” is based in part in our own fear of our ignorance. We seek to be informed. But being informed is not being educated. The specialist is used in the general framework of media to distance the individual from real knowledge. Our reliance on others tempts us to reduce how much we actually engage in critical thinking. Culture has become like a script we are expected to follow blindly in order to achieve absolute happiness. To where the individual loses the capacity to have a clear understanding of what’s going on around them. There are no easy solutions to anything anymore, and we are ever more dependant upon the specialist to guide us through the storm. Never realizing it was the specialist who guided us into it in the first place. Large-scale crime is concealed by our abject dependence upon the specialist to keep us informed. No one knows why this bureau or that department lost 10 million dollars, but the specialist will tell us why, and he will subdue the perpetrator for us. Don’t you feel safe now? This isn’t to say we should all know everything about everything. It is to say that our education system sucks, it’s only purpose has always been to make factory fodder. Our public systems are purposefully over complexitized so that we cannot understand how the whole thing works. Life is consistently becoming more push button so we don’t have to learn much to function in it. The process is called “dumbing down”. It means we are being reduced into idiots. Distracted by the temptations of the flesh, and a myriad of psycho emotional roller coaster rides. But, enough of the process, lets take a look at the results.

Ideological separatism is the foremost. In this time media pays special care to perpetuate the fact of our physical and emotional differences. We are subdivided into genres, black, white, fat, pretty, old, young, republican, democrat, religious, atheist, surrealist. We are Irish, Jewish, Palestinian, Canadian, and Japanese. We are waiters, CEO's, doctors, bus drivers, welders, writers, soldiers. Every one of these classifications comes with its specific view of life. Different views of life overlap and make more complex views. We then present these complex views as personality. But, personalities that all experience uniquely different views of life. Slowly and gradually our sense of community shrinks into our specific categories of perspective. Our increasing inability to communicate arises from the infinitely increasing range of perspective variations. Setting us up for ideological separatism. We don't relate with the majority, we increasingly relate with ever shrinking minorities, all living in fear of isolationism or seeking it. Media feeds this potential, in a seemingly unconscious manner. Even if it is unconscious, the mere fact that our community is deteriorating, is evidence of a shadow passing through us as a culture. Because, this fear and paranoia is fed, then escalated to violence. Violence will beget violence in an ever-deepening spiral of incidence. We must strive to establish an element of commonality that can bind us together in equality and freedom. Fear can only ever lead to enslavement. Enslavement to more fear.

This pattern of ideological separatism further devolves into even our intimate interpersonal relationships. Our growing inability to relate to each other on an intimate level. Has been compromised by the fallout of general cultural degeneration. As we grow ever more fearful of intimate spiritual contact, we blunder into the darkness. Fear by fear we construct defenses around our hearts to protect us from pain. Slowly shutting down in fear until no light shines and we have become mere shadows of what we could be. Now this may sound a little extreme. But that doesn't mean you don't know what I'm talking about. This is evil corrupting our souls and thus our entire human culture. We have been spiritually victimized and we must take the initiative to heal the problem.

Capitalism is another tool that seeks to drive walls between us. Indeed, in the beginning the industrial revolution brought us into a New World. But now that world is collapsing around us, and we're too lazy to accept the truth. Lazy because we don't realize how fragile our lives have become. To have ever-increasing profit we build stuff that is ever more fragile. Stuff that used to last a certain period of time before it failed now fails faster and has to be replaced more often. Which concept, in and of itself, constitutes a new angle on industry. Engineered decay. Everyday we spend more and more money to keep ever failing systems from failing. Sooner or later you have to come to the realization we've set ourselves up for systemic decay. Without the cultural maturity to manage our consumption we have accelerated our civilizational rate of decay to a point where we may not be able to rein ourselves in in time. We are already seeing the measurable effects of global warming, and yet the power brokers in Washington insist on deepening our futures dependency upon oil. Mainly because they are so blatantly supported by and intertwined with big oil money. This is the end result of capitalism. All the power ends up in the hands of a few. They win. If you create a game, "someone" will always be able to win. We are after all human. The key problem being, the game involves the survival of our civilization in general. All of our lives! Playing it through to its obvious conclusion is to drive our civilization off of a cliff. This is greed. It is evil.

To support this global greed we have built the most violent military the planet has ever known. Built on the foundation of Nazi technological achievements, which also impressed the world with it's violence, our military is nothing more than the testing section of the military industrial complex. They promote wars to promote the use of their products. No wars and you have no military industrial complex. They literally need perpetual violence in the world to survive. Considering how much money is spent yearly around the world, to predominantly western military hardware suppliers, to wage war makes it very easy to see where the potential profit would far outweigh the risk of failure. Failure being peace. The result is the constant stimulation of border wars, being fought in a simple round robin of defenseless firing ranges. At least 40% of our national budget is spent on the notion of perpetuating war. The hidden danger is the funding of covert weapons development. A large portion of our annual war budget goes to R&D. We cannot be assured of seeing all the products of the research. Which leaves the industrialist to develop secret weapons to help him maintain his monopoly. The end result is the death of many innocents and the emotional decay of our civilization. No good intention can validate itself on the basis of factual negative results. In other words, the evidence speaks for itself. All the weapons produced in the last forty-five years since WWII have failed to produce a lasting peace. Instead, we have risen to new levels of destructiveness. Want to end war? End the production of military hardware. Its that simple. Currently, the world debt to the IMF stands at roughly 59 billion dollars. The congress of the United States just passed a defense budget listed at 343.2 billion dollars. 18% of our military budget for the next several years could eliminate the world debt. And give those countries money to restart their economies. Which would give these people something else to do besides fight over scraps of food. Our whole world could be rebuilt. Money for the US military represents the world being destroyed, for profit. Most of that 343.2 billion will go to private contractors and suppliers who provide the goods and services to wage war. This greedy pursuit of wealth disrupts the very harmony of our community. 

Yet another example of the pursuit of evil greed. The bio-agriculture industry seeks to own the world's ability to grow food. Since the beginning of farming thousands of years ago, every farmer always avoids harvesting a portion of his crop, and lets it go to seed so that he will have seed to plant the next years crop. He collects the seeds and safely guards them through the winter. Because he knows there can be no food without seed. The bio-agriculture industry has created seeds that die at the end of a season without propagating new seed. Called appropriately "Terminator seed". These companies seek to monopolize food production on the planet. That should be a crime punishable by death. They even create a line of produce that is its own pesticide. It would be heralded as a feat of human engineering, if it wasn't so foolishly arrogant. We think we can just casually alter something that took nature hundreds of thousands of years to produce. Without inspiring serious consequences from nature. Most of the countries around the world will not allow this seed in their soil. But in America we have already had reports of cross pollenation. That me the plants become sexually active and like unprotected human sex can introduce HIV, this cross polunation will introduce the terminator gene into every other plant it has sex with. Rendering it impotent. Will these bright scientists also solve the problem of the Earth's reaction when it comes, because it will? Is the potential ruin of the earth's biosphere worth any amount of money? It, should be considered as 7 billion acts of attempted murder. There is a point where we must draw the line for profiteering. 

By creating extreme wealth, we create extreme poverty. Poverty and social oppression lead to petty crime. The prison industry was born on the wings of a capitalistic notion that public industries can make profitable private industries, and cost the taxpayers less. But the whole notion of haves and have-nots only stimulates a criminal environment. To create misfortune and then capitalize on it, is evil, the evil of capitalism. Poverty is a manifestation of evil. It is the end result of greed. The prison industrial complex is yet another proud manifestation of an evil that grips our country at the core. We openly engage in policies of racism and separation. Purposefully creating oppressive lack in specific communities, then implementing a correctional structure with only one purpose in mind. To ruin the lives of the deemed undesirable. To purposefully drive a soul to ruin is one of the darkest evils. There is no moral justification for it. None! To even begin to attempt to justify these actions is to show a belligerent ignorance. The karma will be painful.  Galatians:   6:7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8: For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. 9: And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. 

We can see these things in our world today. Evil is the dynamic that crushes life. Love is the dynamic that gives life. We see the environmental destruction happening on our planet. This is evil seeking to destroy our ability to survive without pain and hardship. Evil seeks to destroy us emotionally with violence and strife. Evil destroys us spiritually by breaking our hearts with rejection. We can see the patterns of evil. Now we need to call it evil and address it as such. Some of us will choose to turn away from evil. Some of will choose to embrace it. Our power of choice is divine. Thus, some of the consequences can be eternal.

Dale G. Cox