General Anxiety Disorder GAD

General Anxiety Disorder. Has a nice ring to it. I’m sure the clinically addicted have already formed support groups, and legislation is under way to give GAD sufferers more comprehensive access to health services. Bravo. 

Please forgive what may be misinterpreted as selfish cynicism. But sooner or later we must stop this pointless fragmenting of our culture into pseudo-cult support groups. Everyone is trying to identify with a group these days; even the non-group oriented individual has become a group of sorts. The point is we all need to identify with being human, and we don’t seem to have a general enough definition for what that is. 

But that’s getting away from the point. The point being, why is there a clinically definable ailment called, “General Anxiety Disorder”? Have we run out of authentic physical ailments to drug people for? So that now all we can come up with are “General” problems? Maybe like “General Disorientational Dimensia”, or “General Disassociative syndrome”, or maybe even “General Perspective Paranoia”. All of which, of course, would be caused by treatable chemical imbalances in the human nervous system.

The problem with GAD is that we all suffer from it. Everyday life in America has become a stressful event, and we need to publically recognize that. We live under the constant stress of an ever fluctuating economy and social environment. The media is consistently reminding us we can’t trust our neighbors, yet alone any one else in the world. The nature of media propaganda in the country is consistently alienating the individual against everyone else. We have been divided and conquered. The rehabiliatory drug program is a further deepening of that control. Now that we have been divided on a cultural level, the drug program is designed to further alienate us against ourselves and our family members. If you haven’t already, rent George Lucas’ THX1138 from a video store near you. An interesting look at a future culture where the human population has been reduced to a sedated industrial populace incapable of making decisions for or taking care of itself.

I swear, every time I turn on prime-time television these days I’m more horrified by what I see than I was the last time. We have arrived at the point in history where its time to start calling stupid, stupid. Because, obviously to me, the pharmaceutical company’s seem to think I’m stupid. Which means they think your stupid too. For me to believe that GAD is a chemical imbalance is for me to believe cats and dogs really do talk to each other. There is an obvious movement in America to classify most of the population as insane, and get us to use more and more drugs to cope.  

So, we have an illusionary war on illegal drugs. Which is a real war, but not to stop drugs coming into America. It’s a war to control who gets the profit. While in America the proliferation of pharmaceutical drug use is expanding out of control. Americans are being convinced via the media that we cannot survive without drugs. While those who do so called “illegal drugs” know this. They do them to survive against the economic terrorism, social terrorism and the media. Everyone else becomes addicted to the stupid notion western medicine can actually heal you. So they run to the Doctor anytime anything feels wrong and get a pill. Its typical reverse psychology, deny the one drug, and capitalize on the other. Only trick being, the parties involved are profiting from both ends the legal and the illegal. 

It is illusion to think there are “Good” drugs and “Bad” drugs. Every time I listen to the list of side effects caused by new pharmecuetical drugs, they sound to me like they do more harm than good. I know the main reason people do so called “Illegal Drugs”, is because they want to escape from the absurdity of this American culture. The biggest drug problem in Amerika, Alchohol, is celebrated as a means to do the same thing. Unload the stress of life in Amerika, and have a better time than you were before you fell under the influence. Escapism. Pharmecuetical drugs are done to escape pain or to control ailments within the body. Generally speaking, they are an escape from the realities of industrial living.

Now, don’t get me wrong because I’m a cynic. I know some western medicines can help people in certain situations. The fact most people don’t realize is the so called “Illegal Drugs” have been used by colonial powers for centuries to subvert social groups. Read lightly into British history in China. China had to go to war to stop British subjugation of its people to opium. Which boiled down to classism, in that the British nobles felt the basic chinese people were not important enough to respect. They also discovered addicting a certain social group, any social group, to an addictive substance was profitable. The East India Co., as well as early enterprises from the “New World”(Amerika), cashed in on this profit making venture. Thus when you look at the illegal drug problem in the world today, you must remove the psychologically implanted image of grubby common thugs as being the authors of this peril, and replace them with industrialists in clean suits. In fact, if you begin to open your mind to the fact that the invisible mega-criminal infrastructure in the world today is run by hyper industrialists, a lot more of the political conditions around you will begin to make sense.

The notion that a growing number of American’s are suffering from GAD is a mockery. It suggests that we are not capable of fixing the current social and political problems that are dragging our proud nation into the abyss. Many of our forefathers warned us to be wary of the industrialist and his intentions for domination. We live with a very thin illusion of freedom, and now we are being manipulated into giving that thin thread up for security. When those who would protect us are the very sources of our insecurity. The term mind games should surface here. Although more to the point we are being mindfucked. Then offered a sedative to help us cope with the anxiety. If we are to eliminate GAD, we must retake our democratic process, fix our social division, acquire a broad social definition of what it means to be human with a conscience, and apply it to our culture. In other words, as a culture, we need to grow up.

The social terrorism we suffer is caused by our fear of difference. The economic terrorism we suffer is the product of capitalism. Capitalism is designed to prostitute our morals to profit. The result has been the destruction of our sense of community, and the general erosion of moral values. Everyday Americans are pitted against each other in a passive aggressive conflict for survival. The basic approach of our cultural education process is that we, as individuals, are subhuman until we achieve financial success. The models and hero’s of our culture are not men of high morals. They are men of high financial status, upon which have been attached the concepts of morals and ethics without ever having been proved. This is illusion. This form of illusion leaves us with a feeling of emptiness similar to the empty concepts we are told to adhere to on a daily basis. We are told to fear the petty criminal who has stolen our $20, but for the financier who has embezzled $20 million, we are made to feel loss at his fall from grace. A man reduced by the failings of his business choices. Reduced by the temptations of lesser men.

This is why, as Americans, we suffer GAD. Our culture is a mockery to truth. Our politics are a lie. Our good causes go broke and unfunded, while our darker expressions rise and triumph against our sense of reason. Evil consistently prevails over us, mocking us in our inability to stop it. All of our good intentions are consistently defeated, and it is this growing sense of the invasion of evil that undermines us spiritually and sends us into depression. Increasingly, success can only be achieved by the compromise of morals. Its no wonder we suffer from GAD. No amount of drugs will make that go away. The drugs will only weaken us more, and compromise whatever resolve it will require to arrest this plunge into darkness. Don’t fall for this trick. It is ok to be depressed these are depressing times. If you are a normal human being, the nature of this environment should cause you anxiety. If it does not, then you are already well on your way into darkness. The fact that you feel is key to your survival as a human being. Notice the injustice in the world for it is the face of evil growing in definition every day. Don’t fall prey to the illusion it’s only your problem. We are all in this together.