Rudolf Steiner's "Philosophy of Freedom" as the
Foundation of Logic of Beholding Thinking

Religion of the Thinking Will
Organon for a New Cultural Epoch

Volume 2

G.A. Bondarev


IV Survey of the Literature

'Die Philosophie der Freiheit'

Chapter 2 – The Scientific Impulse

V The Religious-Ethical Character of the Thought-Metamorphoses

'Die Philosophie der Freiheit'

Chapter 3 – Thinking as a Means of gaining Knowledge of the World

VI The Concept (the Idea) and the Percept (Experience)

    1. The Three Worlds

    2. The Genesis of the Concept

    3. ‘Sensory Appearance’ and ‘Thinking’ in the World-View of Ideal-Realism

    4. Goethe, Hegel and Rudolf Steiner

    5. The Natural-Scientific Method of Goethe and Rudolf Steiner

    6. The Subject of Cognition

'Die Philosophie der Freiheit'

Chapter 4 – The World as Percept

The Three Aspects of Symmetry

VII From Abstract to Picture Thinking

    1. Primary and Secondary Qualities

    2. Some Special Features of Quality and Quantity

    3. What is the Relation between Thinking and Being?

    4. The Divine and the Abstract

    5. The Pure Actuality of Thinking

'Die Philosophie der Freiheit'

Chapter 5 – Gaining Knowledge of the World

VIII The Coming into Being of Homo Sapiens

    1. From Natural Man to Rational Man

    2. Homa Erectus

    3. The ‘Ur’-phenomenon of Man in Different Globes

    4. The Structure of the Universe – and the Human Being

    5. The Biblical Creation Myth in the Light of Anthroposophy

    6. A Holistic Image of the Human Being

    7. The Spiritual-Material Evolution of Man as a Species, and the Ontology of the ‘I’

'Die Philosophie der Freiheit'

Chapter 6 – The Human Individuality

IX Memory Picturing

    1. The ‘Ur’-Phenomenon of Man’s Evolution to Spirit

    2. A Leap across the Abyss of Nothingness

    3. The Threefold Bodily Nature and Memory

    4. The Phenomenon of the Human Being

    5. Memories outside the Physical Body

'Die Philosophie der Freiheit'

Chapter 7 – Are there Limits to Knowledge?


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Chapter 4