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I think this requires us to come to an common understanding of trade and the economy. It takes a little bit of an understanding of the World and Trade to understand why it would want to be organized and by whom. I think a lot of us, including myself, have very different understandings of just how economy works. I figure we go to work, give our lives in the form of labor, to someone who then compensates us for that time, we then take our money and go out and spend it in other places for other peoples labor of life. While they're doing the same thing. Sort of like a monopoly game where no one gets to put hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place. So we just go around the board exchanging money back and forth until we get bored. In this case, the concept of a monopoly game applies, in the sense that the game itself represents the establishment of a system. Whereby, you roll the dice, move around the board, and do what the rules tell you to. Our modern life is designed much the same way, hence the popularity of the game. So following that through, the board is the fabric of our physical community, with the rules being government, and money gets to play itself. The rules (govt.) dictate how much money everyone gets to start the game. Of course that's not as established in real life, because we live in illusion, but we'll get to that in a minute.

You get your money, roll to see who goes first, and start the game. But wait, we didn't discuss the establishment of the rules or the board. To most modern schools of social definition, capitalism describes a system where trade evolves to a monetary system, and blah blah blah..... after that I get a little lost. And so we endeavor to trust other men to define that reality for us, based on a system that would be fair for everyone. Not. This is not a utopia. Even if we don't understand what's happening, we shouldn't be so naive as to not try to figure it out. Because after all, we know we can't always trust people we could term as strangers, because everyone here has a story. And if you've been around a little while, you know how those stories go.

That said, lets get back to the rules. You work like a dog and then you die. Because face it folks, we live in a cast system, which means you better marry up if you can, because the gate's about to close on the golden city. But wait, I'm leaping ahead, my passion grips me so. The rules basically say, "we have a formula for how much you can make an hour, in relation to the cost of a loaf of bread, in relation to how we feel about you as a person". Meanwhile,  we watch the price of bread go up and the stipend of labor go down. But wait, let's go back a little further. In the way olden days, when there weren't very many of us on the planet, you basically went out, found some land, built a hut, and grew some food and animals. The only lease was from God, and it was good until death, and the rent was free. You worked with the land and it provided. At some point trade started in the form of barter. 

1st farmer: I'll trade you three cows for a bull. 
2nd farmer: Ok, no wait, thrown in two of those fine blue hens you've got, and it's a deal. 
1st farmer: Done.

Money came much later. Money was a medium of exchange other than raw materials. Trade used to be conducted by individuals with their own commodities or goods, the things they grew or manufactured during the winter months, before skiing. Labor used to be for self, but one day labor became a commodity, not a profitable one. It was called slavery. You labored for a master, because right around the same time, there were suddenly other people who owned the land you lived on, and if you didn't pay them for it they were going to kill you. That concept changed the marketplace forever, or at least until now. Because now the value of a thing could be influenced by threat of violence. Which evolved into today's ever popular "Gunboat Diplomacy". Which brings us back to the concept of the rules. As you can see the "board" has been under construction for a long time. One interesting note to make about a caste system. It was designed to limit the level of education of the common people, while enhancing the education of the upper classes, thus you have a system where only the wealthy understand how everything runs, because incidentally, they run it. Case in point, there are very few people in America who understand how it all works. They made the board. This is why it is important to understand what the WTO is and who wants it.

This image, taken from a 1912 poster advertising the Industrialist Worker, a socialist rag, and the efforts of Eugene Debs and the Socialist Party. Its interesting to observe 87 years later. Eugene Debs used the slogan "Every capitalist is your enemy, every workman is your friend", in his 1912 presidential bid. Looking back now we can see his warning may have been valid. The plight of the worker has only increased. More people today are being crushed together on that lower level, while the upper level is so far away the common man can hardly imagine. The motivation of Debs time was that the common man could climb this tower and 
get to the top. But history is the reality to prove that illusion wrong. The common man has indeed climbed, but the capitalist has soared. The lines of separation between wealth and law in this country have become extremely gray. The poor and so-called middle-class, are so busy surviving from day to day, and month to month, that they can't keep track of how fast the money of the wealthy land owners grows. We struggle to buy a house, while big money buys the infrastructure we need to live, and the government we elect to serve us. Powerful companies pay lobby groups full time wages to solicit our elected politicians. Think I could get a lunch date with congress?  If i did, would what I'd have to say really matter to them. After all, who am I, what do I own, an 84 Toyota. What can I do for them? Well, the best response to that is, I can hold off shooting them until they've had a fair trial. That should count for something, you'd think.

Thus, we are facing an organization of wealthy capitalists who would rather see constitutional, people originated government, dissolve and fade away, to be replaced by an economic government controlled by the dramatically wealthy upper three to five percent. While the rest of us do what we're told or else. Think I sound a little reactionary? Maybe you've been drinking fluoridated water for too long.  We dream of toys while puppet masters manipulate the toys we dream of, and thereby us. The struggle for survival is perpetually forced upon us, and why? Have we not evolved sufficiently to learn to live together in comfort. We have the technology. None of us should know struggle, or pain, or strife, but we do everyday, why is that? Do we lack community? If community is nothing more than us learning to get along, why haven't we? If we have the technology to make sure no one goes hungry, why are people starving to death everyday? The truth is, capitalism. Capitalism is not a community oriented concept. It says survival of the fittest, if your not fit, too bad. It pits us against each other, in unfair competition, like animals. Is that  what we have become?  Without a sense of the spiritual, we are nothing more than mindless animals, motivated by shock into consumption to survive. Without a concept that all beings are created equal, and with the right to pursue life as they see fit, not the way their parents chose, we live in barbarism. Peace is not a birthright here, it must be purchased. Freedom is an illusion enjoyed by few in this world. A World Trade Organization is an attack on our individual civil liberties. It is designed to remove our right to participate in our society. By desolving constitutional Governments, a World Trade Organization would enslave each and every man, woman, and child on this planet. If they thought we would take that quietly, they're wrong. Welcome to the evolution.



Well there are a few reasons why we'd want a WTO.
The First is, it may allow us to get rid of the cumbersome burden of governments. Lets face it, governments for all their usefulness, are dramatically overrated. When you look at the US government, you get the illusion of democracy, but when you turn your head a little and look at it out of the corner of your eye, its nothing more than a criminal organization, laundering huge quantities of taxpayer funds off into dramatically expensive illusions. Theft is the common term, budget appropriations, the phoney term. A WTO that did not have any control over the economic, social, or spiritual expression of the people of Earth, would be most useful. If it comprised the logistics of the expression of trade for an sovereign people, and simply that , it would be of great service to the people of Earth. Since governments pretend to do that now, we could do without them, and the nature of conflict they commonly portray.
As the principle mechanism of logistics, the WTO would be responsible for the physical infrastructure of trade, ie, shipping, transport, accounting, warehousing, environmental management, hence monitoring the efficiency of a worldwide system of surplus commodities transfer. Because without a WTO pushing for the decentralization of resources and commodities, communities of the future would be based on local survivability. Being structured to create all necessary industries within the limits of certain geographical areas. Thus, Washington state wouldn't need apples from China, it would grow its own apples, and any surpluses would be distributed at a reduced value the further away they had to go to be used up efficiently. We wouldn't ship apples from China to Washington at a cheaper price just to create market competition, that's ridiculous. Then, instead of creating more apples than it needs, China could transform the extra land into crops of a different nature, according to the needs of the local people. Trade should only be something done to reduce surpluses, or to exchange technology.
As for a second reason or any other reason, I can't think of one at the moment, give me a minute.


Here we are, back to that discussion about economics. Why
wouldn't we want a WTO. Well one good reason is because of the International banking community. The whole concept of ownership of property starts there. From ownership of property we get war and the denial of basic human rights. Wow, all that from just one form of economic institution. You betcha! Believe it or not, there has never been a war against the banking establishment, or involving a banking establishment. You'd think with those statistics these people would be devout pacifists. Not. The reason there have never been a war with the banks is because the banks fund all the wars. You don't kill the people who give you the money to buy the weapons to fight your war. You thank them and hope they won't keep charging you more every time you add a new purchase, but they do. And we except it, forgetting that originally banks were someplace to keep your extra money. Now they've become the place to get extra money, because we don't seem to have enough any more. Interesting coincidence. Which brings us back to the WTO. The biggest reason we don't want a WTO is because we don't need a world banking monopoly. At present, most of the capitol being spent to indulge in the benefits of world trade, comes from people who already have more money than everyone else. The banking system is owned by individuals.  In essence, these individuals own the deed for the planet. We have private individuals who put up the capitol to start banks at least a hundred years ago. Those banks became the new royalty when the banks helped to destabilize the old monarchies. The old Monarchy's existed because they had the most money. The old kings rose up on the backs of those who weren't as intelligent as they. Power always drifted to those most astute in the art of conceiving. When you were a lowly, uneducated pheasant, the concepts of your imagination were pretty limited. If you were the educated son of monarchy, the fantasy's of your imagination often drifted to the extent of your personal power. In the days of old, brothers killed brothers, and fathers killed sons all for the delusion of they're fantasy's of power. In the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds, the banks killed the monarchy's and subordinated the church as their tool of control. Granted, from their perspectives, these entity's share the power in a twisted sibling kind of way.

Today, these individuals and conglomerates of power play their own games where we can't see or understand. Because long ago they all agreed that the common man was best, and easily kept, STUPID. Thus, today they layer their organizations under the veil of good will and the powers that must be in order for this whole thing to even exist. When we are the ones who really make this ball of wax turn, us, the stupid ones. In reality there are only several thousand of them. There is almost 7 billion of us on this world, this group of individuals makes up less than one percent. So it looks like their strategy of keeping us stupid and ignorant to what's really going on worked.

The main reason we don't want a WTO on their terms is because its just another in a long list of social mechanisms created by them to replace the flow of vital fluids in our social organism. Like taking out an human heart and putting in a machine, then controlling the spare parts factory, and thus controlling the man with the mechanical heart. The world market the banks seek to create is already well down the path of making every community on this planet vulnerable and dependent upon the commodities they control. They can make the WTO look as global as they want because they control the resources everyone needs to survive, sooner or later we have to go to them. A WTO is just another layer of protection they can hide under. Fade into the background of our world and become its hidden puppet masters. Which they already are.

The WTO compromises the rights of workers, because catering to the whim of the worker is unprofitable for the industrialist. The industrialist wants a competitive environment, different customers knocking down his door for his product. And what would that product be? When you own the banks and the industrial complex, the product you sell is prosperity. How do you sell prosperity? You must first create a condition of lack, as the sales manager 
would put it, "we must create a need for our product, then we can dictate the price". The old supply and demand ploy. This group of people has the money and the reins of industry. By creating a WTO on their terms, they are basically selling prosperity to the highest bidder. True servants of Satan, setting the terms for the souls of every man, woman, and child on this planet. All perpetrated by a minority that comprises less than one percent of the worlds population. Pretty clever you must agree.

But you might ask, how do they create lack? Easy. The first product the banks sold was war. Financing the ego's of petty individuals to create a beautiful tapestry of need and human depravity. Give the human soul unlimited quantities of depravity "free", sort of like seeding your client base, then come back when their begging and sell them prosperity. A  double whammy. For the crowning glory of this military industrial complex, we can thank the ignorant consumers of the shining western world. Who were, by the way, the first successful creations of a rather extensive social programming project. In more scientific terms, drones, or clones to use a modern expletive.

Particularly in america the clones were fed this history of glorious progress and ingenuity. A striving of the human spirit for progress. Our manifest destiny, born on the back of one of the most diabolical programs of genocide the world has ever forgotten. The exploits of Adolf Hitler and his attempt to exterminate the Jewish peoples,  pales in comparison to the bloody acts of the american settlers on the native indians who used to live here. They were systematically exterminated to create a clean petri dish upon which to hatch the American social experiment. What's that, don't like the notion of being an experiment.  Believe it or not, the experiment was designed to give you that  false sense of rugged individualism, as well as a conscience clear of the guilt for the acts of your murderous forebears. We can see from the German experiment, that the German people must have a different social emotional composition than us, as a people they recognize a significant amount of guilt for their part in Adolf Hitler's exploits.

Not to forget the concept of the military industrial complex. The evidence is lying on every battlefield this planet has endured for at least the last 150 years. Don't like their politics, maybe you need a war to convince you of who your friends are, or aren't. Does the common man ever decide to go to war with his neighbor. No. Read the history books. Most of the time, the common man throughout history has chosen to go to war with his masters. We call it revolution. The masters eventually figured out it was better to divide their servants idealogically and encourage them to fight amongst themselves, to vent their frustration with the conditions of their lives on each other, not the Masters. Conditions created by their masters. Case in point, Saddam Hussein.  Why is Saddam Hussein still in power when so many of his soldiers and military was decimated in Dessert Storm?  Because at a point in the not to distant past, the western military complex taught Saddam and his generals everything they know, and sold him the weapons of mass destruction they claim he has. The payoff, his military has miraculously been replaced with newer better equipment, and his core military units are even stronger than they were before. He allowed his conscripts to be killed because they weren't important to him anymore. Wanna reduce unemployment, have a war. Those who survive, or escape having to go, will be eternally grateful for staying alive. Even though the guilt of their egos will motivate them to brag about what they would have did if they had went. Saving people from suffering makes them grateful and thankful. How could you do that without the wonderful stimulation of war. The fact is the puppet masters frequently use war to scare us into being grateful. They use nuclear weapons to scare us to death. Which do you fear the most, total annihilation, or the karma you'll reap for selling your soul for such a cheap price like fear?

The WTO is nothing more than the further progression of Empire for the corporate military industrial complex. We would naturally create trade with our neighbors if there weren't so many fences and soldiers in our way. If we didn't have the puppet masters corrupting us with false ideologies, pitting us against each other like dogs in a pit. Creating reality's of false depravity to get us to sell our souls for prosperity. If we give in, the future of OUR planet is doomed. The more we give in the less our children understand there is a threat. We are made to teach them to adjust to the lives we have succumbed to. They in turn teach their children. The prospect of resistance is reduced with each succeeding generation that taught to give in. Every layer of illusion we permit to hide the truth, moves the truth further from our grasp. To get to the heart of the matter. The wages of sin is death. The only real sin is that of selling your soul. It is the only thing that travels with you from life to life. Your stuff turns to dust, along with your memory, but once sold, your soul will spend an eternity in hell. The choice is yours.



Really, what is a consumer? Somewhere between the Korean War and the late 1980's we were no longer considered American citizens. We evolved to a new level of description. We became consumers. We are the people who buy the products, or are we. It has been my personal experience of late that I have less to say about how and where I spend my money. Have you noticed this new phenomena? I buy something I'm not completely pleased with and the next thing I know I'm on the other side of a legal document, stating my rights in relation to the contract I agreed to in purchasing the product. Did you understand that. It confused me the first few times, now I just don't spend money. I think I am going to find a lawyer to draw up a contract that I will give to every potential supplier of my needs. And if they don't agree to my terms I will not do business with them. Sounds crazy, maybe a little cynical? I think not. You go out spend $700 for a new stove, the plastic knobs to control the burners break in about a year from daily use, you go to get replacements and find out you have to pay $23 for ONE plastic knob, that will inevitably break again. Think I'm exaggerating, buy GE, see for yourself. I go to setup my internet services (with NETWORK SOLUTIONS), they mistakenly make a second withdrawal from my checking account. Upon confronting them on the subject, they claim they did not do it, they have no accounting dept., its all done automatically, they have no supervisory staff to deal with me directly, instead they inform me that their company policy states it will take at least four to six weeks for them to investigate the matter and get back to me. All this in less than twenty-four hours after they've made the withdrawal. Suddenly I'm reminded of their terms for doing business. Sound frustrating, try calling the better business bureau and see how frustrated you get.

Now I would agree that I personally could just be unlucky in the products and services I buy. And these exchanges could go smoothly for everyone else. But I don't think so. It seems everyone wants your money today, and they don't care how long it takes you to get it back, or to get satisfaction. Of course, they wouldn't want to wait four to six weeks for me to decide if I was happy and wanted to keep the product, before I paid for it. So where does that leave us. Are the public agencies we set up to protect our interests, really capable of doing the job. Or are those agency's only set up to compound the problem by giving us more forms to fill out, more time spent waiting on hold, more voice mail systems to wander through, more lip service, more frustration. 

In relation to the WTO, more and more of the simple items we buy are made in China, or someplace with similar labor concepts. These products are made to break and be replaced frequently. More and more our stable concepts are being replaced with disposable ones we have to buy over and over again. So that our consumption is constant.

Which brings up the really big question, can the resources of the planet sustain an exponentially increasing concept of consumption. At present the nations of the west enjoy this garbage producing concept. What happens when the rest of the world, with the help of the WTO, joins in the rabid consumption. Then how long do the resources last?

In the west we have research institutes that study the needs of people and how to cater products to them. We also have a media structure that is designed to show us what we aren't, so it can dictate to us what we need to be better.  It preys on our vanity by creating and maintaining image ideologies. In America the Marlboro man is the epitome of the white male image, blond is the color of his favorite style of woman. Preferably slim and athletic, which sends us to the store to spend at least four billion dollars a year on weight loss products. Fast cars and cool clothes, even our social dialogues are created by the marketers. How should men act, how should women act, what constitutes an argument. Corporate news media helps us decide our political perspectives, our social values and morals. A lot like the "Truman Show". Basically illusion.

So, if we're the ones doing the consuming how do we become the consumed. Its simple. The purpose of illusion is to distract you from reality. The reality is that your souls are being destroyed by spiritual warfare you cannot see because your perspectives are locked in the physical world via illusion. Say what? This entire world is an expression of spirit. We are the Children of God stolen from God by corporate America and western industrialism. Who are they selling us to? You may want to look into that. Can you be spiritual and physical at the same time? Yes, but only if you understand what spirit is. If you don't you end up like most of the Christians in the western world. Worshipping your own Anti-christ and feeling good about it because god has blessed you with stuff. Your puppet masters don't care about stuff. They encourage us to make it so we will be preoccupied while here, which means we aren't discovering the truth about our spiritual existence, which is the only reason we come here. Thus, your souls are kept in ignorance, your life sucked from you slowly so you die an unfulfilled husk of a human being. Which sets you up for worse conditions in your next life. Which again brings us to  that rhetorical question. What's more important, your soul or your stuff?

Most of us go out a work at least a forty hour work week. The question you have to ask is, is that the amount of time it really take to secure our day to day survival. The originating idea, or the one used to sell our forefathers on the industrial revolution, was that machines would make our lives easier. Do you think they did? Seems to me a lot of us are loosing our jobs to machines, only trick is we're not wealthy, the owners of the machines are. This is true in the Western world. In the third world human labor still exists, basically as slave labor.
Lets face it, the industrial revolution was not war raised by the people against their masters. It was the masters against the people. They wanted to create machines that would free them from the responsibility of keeping slaves. Now here's the real twist. The production of war machines has advanced with technology, giving these puppet masters the advantage of strategic weapons. Weapons of mass destruction that can be maintained by a few individuals. No longer do they need massive hordes to control their realm. They can kill millions of us with the press of one button. Or scarier still, with a small vial of liquid in our water. Just something to keep in mind. Our consumption has given them more power in a variety of ways. Still wonder who's consuming what?



When we think of inheritance, we don't often associate it with poverty. But many people in the world inherit poverty, in many different ways.
The revelation came to me the other day. I was talking rent with a younger man, who seemed to feel that paying $600 to rent a studio apartment in Seattle, was reasonable. I, on the other hand, thought back to when I paid $287 for a studio apt., the notion of paying $600 appalled me. Being older, I have rented a lot longer, and have experienced the steady increase of rent in the area. It occurred to me that if I don't make an issue of it, he might think its ok. Granted he probably knows things used to be cheaper, but its like me relating to someone who used to pay a nickel for a loaf of bread. I can visualize, but it wasn't a reality for me. The older we get the more familiar with the trend of life we become. Some peopIe say they don't worry they just earn more money. When do we stop striving for more? Is that something we can do forever? No. Time changes all things, we can never know when one day we won't be able to keep up anymore. We watch life begin to move out ahead of us, and we realize we should have did something about it when we were younger. This is the folly of youth. It thinks it can run forever. I watch the world become more expensive, not just for me, but for each succeeding generation. I realize that if any one generation tolerates this trend, we stabilized the trend for the generations coming after. If it was a lie when first told, in time it gets twisted around into a truth. By not making an issue of rent control, I contribute to the acceptance of steadily increasing rents. By not saying anything about the disappearing forests, one day a child will ask me why I'm upset, what's a tree anyway. We call this progress. Not. When the human soul looses the will to stand up for what it knows is right, it has become a victim of fear. This is the most powerful form of inherited poverty.

Parents who do not get the opportunity to accumulate wealth during their lives die poor, they leave nothing to their children. If, on the other hand, parents achieve at least a comfortable living, they assist their children by passing on something when they die. This is a common cultural concept. This is also a  way certain social groups can be advanced ahead of others economically, generation after generation. If the wealth of an economy can be distributed among the members of a specific ideological perspective. This perspective can be advanced ahead of other perspectives in a social economic sphere, merely by its consolidation of wealth. In the industrial west, the wealth of the past 60 years was distributed to individuals who pertained to the industrial mind, the industrial ideology. Whereas, the so called "minorities" that live beside them did not always share in the prosperity. Thus, instead of prosperity, their children inherit poverty. It is ignorant to think that because these people could not achieve the wealth to pass on to their children, that it was entirely their fault. When the distribution of wealth in an industrial economic environment, can be directly influenced by ideological preference. This is the deeper impact of racism, sexism, and all forms of ideological discrimination. It is also a form of social warfare.

In the industrial west, particularly in America, the caucasian race receives the benefits of this form of discrimination. Thus, as a social group they display the attitude that they can't be responsible for the misfortune of the victims of their ignorance. When they are clearly the recipients of the directed wealth, so long as they apply themselves to the system. By enjoying this ignorance generation after generation, they have given birth to a social ideology completely ignorant of its daily expression of racism. This is another form of inherited poverty. The parents pass on to the children an expression of survival based in illusion. By never having had to struggle the way peoples of opposing ideologies do, they pass on to their children a survival structure based not upon reality, but upon the illusion cast upon them by their industrial puppet masters. Their children will inevitably one day have to face conditions for which they are ideologically unprepared. As history always repeats itself, they ignorantly build the momentum of karma. God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows, he shall reap. 

When you take these concepts into consideration in relation to a WTO, it is obvious it is not the time for a WTO. These tendency's to direct financial benefits to specific individuals or ideological perspectives will only escalate. Creating larger conflicts within our planets social sphere. This is evident in the fact that the western industrial nations will always maintain an economic dominance due to the proportion of their wealth in relation to the poorer countries of the world. From a country standpoint, the treaties may appear to compensate for this imbalance. But we are not dealing with countries here. We are dealing with a framework structured by huge multinational corporations, to provide them with the freedom to accumulate vastly larger fortunes by removing political obstacles to their profit. Political obstacles like constitutions and labor unions. The very obstacles we put in place to protect us from this form of attack. A new age of colonialism. The large Multi-national Corporations are the primary stockholders in the banks of the world. Or vice versa. At one level trade may be conducted by nations, but on the real level, trade is conducted by industry. Thus, the WTO is NOT poised to assist trade around the world. It is designed to increase it's trade around the world. How much more poverty can we bear? How much more can we afford to pass on? It is already very obvious that if we allow these multi-nationals to get stronger than they already are, we only sell our children into poverty, of one form or another. We cannot sit and let this opportunity go by. It is time to express what's in our hearts. If we don't, we teach our children they don't have to either. The future becomes a very dark place.



Welcome to the world of high finance. So how much longer will we seek to build this pyramid? One block after another, we struggle, we die, and for what? The glory of a few individuals, to say they have achieved more than anyone else before them. This is another form of inherited poverty, the notion of 7 billion people, that they are weaker than a few thousand individuals. If the parents believe it, they teach it to the child as the way things are. That's why we're here.

Daily I watch as people slowly release their pride and their dignity, just to pay the rent. Think it will stop? NEVER. It will not stop until we tell it to. Even then, like every major addiction, it will take almost as long to quit as it did to get addicted. That is a long road. How's it done? Here's a hint. Recently, in Washington state, the issue was raised concerning the import of chinese apple juice concentrate coming into the country cheaper than it can be produced here. In America, in the last twenty years, the farmer has often faired worse than the factory worker. Our farm products get under priced by foreign competition, our farmers go bankrupt, and their farms get bought up by Corporate Agribusiness. Farmers are/were one of the largest groups of small business in America. As small business disappears, so to does a free enterprise environment. When all the means of production are owned by corporations, this is called a monopoly. The fate of the many, falls into the hands of a few. We see this growing trend in America. There is always a seeding of small business to keep the illusion of a free enterprise environment, but that's because the Corps are busy buying the infrastructure small business is built upon. There are industries that never ever feel the woes of economic hardship, because they are making money no matter what the economy does.

There is an entire third world out there just waiting for development. The time has come, those country's have suffered enough. Time to send in that masked man to put the future of those countries in debt. A sneaky little trick recently pulled in America. Rather than pay reasonable wages, or put mechanisms in place to maintain a balanced economy, the puppet masters invented debt. Debt is the destruction of freedom. We should have outlawed it long ago. The American population of the 90's has less savings in the bank than our ancestors who endured our great depression. Yet we believe our economy is bustling. There is nothing we can buy that does not put us in debt. If debt were outlawed, prices would have to come down, wages would go up, and we'd all be living on a cash and carry basis. Debt robs us of our future. The worse thing about debt, is that people own it, and the cost of debt will rise as we move into the future. In essence, the future is collateral for today. We work all the day long in an environment that we really couldn't afford without the presence of debt. This is dysfunctional and criminal. The individuals who have orchestrated this massive crime of robbery, have literally stolen our future. We think we buy houses, but we really rent. If your house isn't completely paid for, and you live in America, you are essentially homeless. Our economy is headed for a collapse, that will be the final collar of slavery for the American people. We will discover the painful reality of title ownership, and we will be literally chained to a future debt that will never be paid off.

When our currency collapses, the banks own title on every piece of property in this country. Those bank are backed by the Federal reserve bank. The federal reserve bank is backed by wealthy stockholders who have bought bonds to provide the cash to build America. Which means if the banks fail the ownership of every piece of property in America, goes back to the stockholders in the Fed who are the only people with enough cash to cover the gap. A gap they created with debt. If you don't have the cash to pay off your loan when the bank fails, how do you plan to keep your property, legally? In a society free from debt, everyone would already own his/her property. Our currency couldn't possibly collapse. There wouldn't be such a huge discrepancy between the illusion of a dollar and its actual value. Our current dollar has an imaginary value, because of, and dependent upon the value of debt in our country. Complete global domination is only a financial crisis away. Are you banking on being one of the fortunate good slaves, willing to sign your life into indentured servitude for your sport utility vehicle? Willing to maybe become a soldier of the empire, used to put down all the poor starving slobs left penniless and homeless, starving in detention camps until the puppet masters can figure out an accident to get rid of them all. Are you willing to serve? These are questions you should be asking yourself. The nature of a WTO is a dangerous thing. Not to be decided by a few individuals in a "For the wealthy only", meeting.

The future of a WTO needs to be decided by every man woman and child on this planet. It will effect all of us directly. It already has. Its time we all got involved, before its too late.



World War 1 basically began with the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Hungary, but before that war was over, it would see the collapse of almost all of the remaining monarchy's in Europe. In November 1916, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria Hungary dies. March of 1917 sees the abdication of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, who died later that year at the hand of the Bolsheviks. By October 1918 the last remnants of the Hapsburg empire in Austria Hungary collapse, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany abdicates his throne.
The turmoil of this war left almost 8 million men dead on the battle field, and another 20 to 30 million civilians dead by a variety of causes from genocide to disease. Why? Not many people wanted to admit the reasons were childish. One man, Rudolph Steiner, of Germany, did. He observed that the reasons were dramatically petty. The pride of a few men, maneuvered into bullying one another until almost 40 million people were dead as a result. He prepared a report for the interim government in Germany, detailing the reasons, and putting the Allies at fault just as much as the Germans. His reasoning was that the form of governments responsible was inadequate for the circumstances. The basis of individual leadership relied on individuals to have the strength to make decisions that effected millions. The individuals involved did not have this strength and a horrendous error of judgment resulted. But the German leaders refused to submit his document at the Versailles meeting, and Germany was set upon a path of further self-destruction.

Amidst this turmoil, Rudolph Steiner set about introducing his concept of a Three-Fold Social order, to the German people. They produced thousands of pamphlets explaining the process and the benefits. But there were other forces more bent on control in Germany. Violence and ignorance eventually won out, setting the stage for the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the second violation of the German people.

This essay is just designed to introduce the concept of a Three-Fold Social order. The basic premise looks to the elements of man himself for a model after which to structure his society. The Three-Fold life of man is that of spirit, social, and economic life. 

In spirit life, every individual is greater than the whole.
In social life, every individual is equal to the whole.
In economic life, every individual is less than the whole.

The idea was that these environments were to be kept separate in policy considerations. In spirit life it elevates the concept that everyone's spiritual pursuits are a god given right, and no one has the right to interfere in that right. Which, if established, would guarantee religious freedom and expression. In social life, everyone would become equal, despite their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual disposition, etc. In economic life, the individual would be less than the whole. Which means the concept of survival of the fittest would disappear into our barbaric past like it needs to. It would create an economic environment not on a supply and demand capitalistic nature, but on the premise of socialistically organized industry. We would produce out of necessity, rather than fancy. One individual would not be the sole owner of any business enterprise. We would not have the financial environment of today, where 95% of the worlds wealth resides in the hands of several thousand individuals, while the rest of us compete like animals for a dogs share of the pie. This form of economic structure is humiliating to the human race. It does not afford us the notion of Fraternity, as the French would put it. Many of our problems of today arise from the fact that the economic system of the western world forces us to struggle for our daily survival, 4000 years after we mastered the art. This form of economic system continues to degrade humanity, and perpetuate barbarity. The WTO seeks to expand and solidify this system world wide. This is criminal.

An economic system that treated everyone as equal partners, would bring peace to our world, and the harmony of us all working together for our mutual survival. The current economic system, divides us, and perpetually drives us against each other, like animals under the whip, fighting for the masters favor. This is insulting.
This Three Folding Social concept did not originate with Rudolph Steiner. It was also the battle cry of the French Revolution. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Rudolph Steiner saw in it a form to bring humanity back to a balanced form of life. He noted one of the key reasons for WW 1 as being a lack of a functional spiritual direction for the German People. They had no focus as a people, thus all their expression was empty and undirected, thus common sense could not tell them war was not their path. If you look at our current system closely you will notice it is the exact opposite of the Three-Fold system. In economic life the individual is greater than the whole, in social life the individual is not equal, and in spiritual life the individual is less than the whole. You might call this the reality of evil. It is designed to destroy unity on this planet and it has succeeded. The concepts of a WTO will only perpetuate the control few men hold over the entire world. They will continue to compel us into wars for food and survival, while destroying the very planet for their purposes. Every step we allow them to take forward, is another nail in the coffin of the human race.

One interesting note to make about Steiners writings. In his pamphlet titled "Three Folding a Social Alternative", he declines to give specifics for his idea. Stating that Three Folding is just a concept, that each generation will have different values, thus each generation must redefine the concept to what it means to them. Because it is true that no form can maintain itself throughout time unless it is designed to change with the times. We must realize that we are the power on this planet, that we must unite for our mutual salvation. If we cannot face the future in true unity, not the manufactured unity the WTO seeks to create, our future will only grow darker. United we have the power, divided we will be reduced to a barbarity worse than animals. Yesterday was the time for change, today we have no excuse. Lets get busy.




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