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Sept 7, 1999

Sept. 9, 1999

Sept 7, 1999

Protesters in Davos. Swizerland

Sept 14, 1999

Sept 15, 1999


Oct 1,1999



Some local subliminal messages. A few people around here know where reality is.


How nice! While the violent angry protesters were building paper mache' puppets, the peaceful police were building clubs. A time honored Imperial tradition!


Let the games begin!

A mild mannered action in relation to the exploits of the industrial west the world over!
Now here's a brain teaser. Info-terrorists slipped in some truth and hope. This bogus paper, slipped over the wednesday paper and distributed throughout Seattle might have helped the Union turnout on November 30th. The writing is on the wall!
So, as this gallery was a singular effort, I could not get to all the events, but here are the ones I did get. The following images are Copyrighted in 1999, by Dale G. Cox. You may use them freely to support the cause of freedom and liberty for all, but not for personnal profit. Enjoy!
Direct Action Network
rallied at Seattle Central Community Collage.

Student Rally
@ the University of Washington

The People's Rally
@ 4th and Jackson in Seattle's International District

head a mass parade down fourth avenue to the convention center.

Zero hour