Soldier for the Cause
By Dale G. Cox

Whether you call it defender of ideals, protector of the masses, shepherd of change, enforcer of values, oppressor of depravity, supporter of nationalism, purifier of the races, or just plain killer of the enemy.  When you look at it objectively, a soldier is nothing more than a blunt object. Used by someone else to kill someone else. Depending on the level of attention of the soldier, he or she may not even have anything to do with the conflict between the two other individuals involved. Namely the killer and the to be killed. But the soldier has been convinced that he or she has a responsibility to the exchange as executor of the violence. According to the UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice, the document every enlistee in U.S. military service signs upon enlisting, the soldier is property. He or she is no longer a human being, according to the UCMJ, the soldier has waived his or her constitutional rights, for the express purpose of becoming a killer for the United States. Although its not worded like that, it is legally binding. If your commanding officer orders you to fall on a grenade to save his life, you are contractually required to obey the order, or face charges, if you survive the grenade. 

Let's go back to the origins of the soldier, the warrior, and the human. These terms are not the same. The human being is a composite of all the kingdoms that exist in the earth. It is mineral, plant, and animal. We as spiritual beings have guided the evolution of this form through all of these stages of evolution. Like riding a wild bronco, we have ridden the human animal for thousands of years, ourselves coming to terms with the nature of our own divine being through our experiences in the animal. The purpose of this journey was to create a new form in the universe that was directly connected to the hierarchy of heaven. At the same time a bridge between the worlds of energy and the worlds of form, and ambassadors from the realms of spirit into the darkness of the worlds of form. But that’s another story. As spirit we have been charged with overcoming our animal urges and instincts. In our earliest stages of development we could only be focused on survival. The warrior was both protector and provider. We were innocent, it was instinct. The law was given to humanity to help us rise up out of instinctual behavior to conscious behavior. The law created within humanity the complex of our separation from the animal world. The warrior stood at the line between those two worlds and helped maintain the space for human civilization to grow. The law began to establish the premise for managing our behaviors in a conscious sense. But, as with all things created within the realm of humanity, there is a good and a bad usage not defined by the instrument, but by the nature of human will that uses it. We evolved from using warriors to protect space, to using them to acquire empire.

The sacrifice of the Christ entity in Palestine in 33 AD, broke the concept of the law by giving us a new complex. The complex of the heart. Gone was the law as a crutch that we could corrupt to our individual wills. Because humanity had reached a level of development where our actions became premeditated based on the disposition of our will. We were no longer innocent, as is easily witnessed in the fact the Jews hunted down the Christ entity, and in their vanity slew him. They had forgotten their origins in spirit, and the illusions of materialism would not let them see the true nature of the Christ entity. We were at a point where humanity had to begin taking responsibility for its own free will. All of our sins in the animal form were absolved, as were the sins we were about to make. We consciously entered into the realm of karma.

Human culture is a cumulative concept. We learn from remembering and mimicking actions we see. The first time primitive man killed primitive man with bare hands is still a basic concept within our human culture today. The first tool used for killing has evolved to an array of tools up to and including bombs that can incinerate millions of people in an instant. All this derived from the basic premise of beating your opponent to death with a bone. As the notion of killing has remained a constant memory within the fabric of human culture, so too have the horrific acts of violence we have perpetrated throughout history. We view them as periods of great change within the fabric of human culture.  The Caesar's and Alexander's of history killed humanity by the millions, and yet what we are taught to remember is the accomplishment of the change they created. All of these acts of violence are incorporated in the physical concept that we call human culture today. The wars between Christian and Muslim in the Middle East over a thousand years ago are still very much in the conscious memory of the Christian and Muslim of today. In Fact, GW Bush has used the terminology of the crusades to re-inspire those memories in the Muslims of today. In response, they have again called us infidels. This is only a small part of the karma of violence. To the extent that we can see the physical evidence of past acts of violence within the fabric of human culture today, there was also and equal and greater reaction within the invisible realms of spirit. 

We would like to look at reality as ending with what we can see, touch, smell, hear or taste. But it does not.  Although invisible, the realm of spirit is far more complex and real. When we view violence from afar we have the tendency not to associate with they realm of feeling that takes place within the immediate space of the conflict we observe from afar. We don't experience the tension, the fear, the anger, the hatred, or any of the other emotions that pass between the two people locked in animalistic conflict. We don't experience the collapse of the human body when a spirit is forced to exit against its will. God will not even force our will to do any specific thing. Indeed, the human is the most ferocious animal on the planet. But the human being is not just animal, it is also spirit. Think of 300 blue 1995 Ford Mustang 5.0's. 300 cars exactly the same down to every nut and bolt, just like the human body, gender aside. Even though the cars are the same, the 300 different people who buy them will all drive them differently. This is the nature of spirit. We are all different spirits riding in similar physical forms. Now put those 300 Ford Mustangs with their different drivers in a "last one moving wins" demolition derby. They crash and smash each other until none of the vehicles is moving but one. Each "dead" vehicle represents a dead human. As with humans, once the car is dead, the driver gets out and goes to find a new car. As spirit, we leave the flesh and immediately enter into a stage with our "pit crew" where we begin the preparations of building a "new" vehicle with which to reenter the race. Unlike a demolition derby, the human spirit maintains an intrinsic connection with the author of its material demise, and vice versa. Because the human spirit exists in a more permanent realm of cause and effect, we must deal with the karma of our actions. Indeed our purpose for entering the flesh is to learn how to react with the material realm in a responsible way.

We are very powerful beings. Our material forms cannot yet contain the entirety of what we are in spirit. We cannot even contain the entirety of what we are in spirit. Thus, the need for the earth and the reality of human existence. The law of karma was created to give us an environment within which to come to an understanding of our power and how to use it wisely. By locking us into a feedback loop that would allow us to experience the effect of our actions. Every soul that incarnates within the realm of human reality is on a divine journey of self-discovery. It must learn to control its actions with the power of choice. When our choices come into conflict with each other, we create an environment for change and growth for both parties involved. It is the material perspective; the perspective that is usually disconnected from the spiritual worlds by its belief in the illusion of matter that initiates the choice for the rest of the being. It is only by thus having our perception limited to the material realm that we can begin to arrive at the concept and scope of our true being.  Thus, the danger lies in the material manipulation of the human perspective and what it believes or doesn't believe.

Now when we look at the nature of violence and the material realm, we can take a more critical look at the way in which we respond to the different conflicts that confront us in our daily adventures. If we only ever take a defensive posture, and fail to consider the position of the other person, we create violence. Violence can be physical, emotional, and spiritual. Emotional violence does damage to a persons posture of spirit. Spiritual violence does damage to a person's concepts of themselves as spirit. Since the time Adam and Eve left the garden, humanity has been engaged in spiritual warfare. We have been tricked into making choices that consistently increase the frequency of violence within our cultural sphere. The influence that drives nations to a state of war begins on a local level. Someone blows up the World Trade Center. The world is put on alert to the potential existence of people who are a threat to our presumed way of life. From the cultural model we recall periods in the past where similar actions occurred and the results. We establish an opinion based on the level of threat this concept presents to us individually. I relate to how, in the past, I felt in a threatening environment and the fear I associate with that. Because of the self-conscious nature of current material existence, we are susceptible to the presumed opinions of our peers, and surrounding culture to the extent to which I associate myself with the larger group. As we have evolved into more individualistic perspectives, our association with the "group" has lessened. This is causing us to make decisions based on our singular perspective. This is good. But, not if our perspectives have been polluted with the cultural memory of violence. Alone, we will often react in fear. Therein lies the manipulation.

Like the proverbial clash of titans, we hurl our wills against each other in violence oblivious to the consequences of our actions. With the loss of the knowledge of reincarnation, our fear became stronger, the level of violence increased because now the will was fighting to survive the only life it would have. The more violence we consciously create, the more violence we must consciously resolve. Perhaps the number of times we take life is the number of times we must relent to our lives being taken without cause. I wouldn't presume to know the details. I have observed that the more the knowledge of violence permeates the construct of my local human dynamic, the more violence occurs in that dynamic. Western media does not often advertise incidents where people have resolved their differences in a peaceful way. It often says it hopes for peace, but it mostly glorifies the violence. That violence then adds to the level of fear in the culture.  Throughout recorded human history the armies of humanity have thrown themselves against each other in wholesale slaughter. We have died killing men we do not know. The concept of warfare is this. A great leader designs a conflict with another leader. The complex of their conflict becomes that of the cultures they guide. These two individuals then seek to make sure everyone in their respective culture associates with their individual fear in relation to the opposing culture. Because of the nature of the law, to individuals who have the position of power over others, according to the law, can compel thousands of innocent individuals to commit violence against thousands of others they have no immediate conflict with merely by association. When in all actuality, the only two people fighting should be the two people who had conflict. Because in reality, those two people very seldom ever fought.

The death of the Christ entity smashed the law inasmuch that the individual now became responsible for itself. This presented a huge threat to the few people who had harnessed the power of human history through the complex of the law. They did not want to relinquish their power, and have thus held humanity hostage to conflict created by the law, not the individual. They slew the Christ, and proceeded to consolidate the complex of power and government within the construct of culture. Since that time millions of people have died in wars. The act of murdering innocence is morally corrupt. The notion that I should stand across the field from a man I don't know, don't have any conflict with, and contemplate just killing him is appalling.  And yet this has always been the nature of war. The enemy has no face, they are not human, they" will kill us if we don't kill them. We murder people we have no conflict with, just because some else convinces us we have to. In the New Testament, the Christ entity tells us to forgive our brother every time he sins against us. Because, eventually our love will prevail and our brother will seek to not commit sin against us. Western culture is driving us against that concept with large expressions of racism, paranoia and fear. Western media teaches us everyone could be the enemy, and in the modern computer games our children play, everyone is the enemy. Studies have shown that from the colonial wars on through today new training techniques have been able to finally improve the amount of casualties created in relation to how may shots fired. It used to be harder for us to kill, even in wartime. We've gotten better at killing. We've even taught our children to kill, and their very good at it. 

The soldier is a tool, but the soldier is also a human being. The human being cannot be absolved of the responsibility it takes when it takes another human life. Men of intention use soldiers to shape the world, when we could shape the world with conversation. The soldier needs to understand the consequences of his or her actions. These consequences effect the evolution of your soul. The act of murder should be avoided at any cost. The damage done to the soul in an act of murder casts shadow over the future incarnations of that soul. You can choose not to kill. The men who order you to kill do not suffer the same consequences as you. You give them a service and you pay the karma. You help maintain a paradigm of violence. You cannot make peace with violence. You can not enforce peace with violence. You cannot validate survival with violence. We are already immortal. We have evolved to a point where we no longer need violence to resolve our differences. We have choice.

The soul, who makes the choice to kill, slows the evolution of its soul. As you can pollute the cultural paradigm, you can also pollute your inner self, drive your own soul into anger, and depression. Our journey is full of discovery and danger. We must learn to make choices that effect only our own souls, and not those of others. If we learn to process our anger, and develop a posture of forgiving and being compassionate with our fellow man, we can heal the echoes of violence already permeating our culture. In the pain of forgiveness lies the heart of the Christ. He didn't give us this lesson to teach us right from wrong, but to teach us we had the power of choice. Lay down your violence warrior, take no more orders to commit murder soldier, let others fight their own conflicts. We are all responsible for our choices. War exists because it has proven itself an effective tool in controlling animals. We are the animals it controls. There are individuals who believe themselves better than the rest of us. The drive us like heard beasts. Creating illusionary boundaries within culture to keep us perpetually engaged in conflict. We die and they consolidate the power of our violence. We fall closer to hell, and they rise up on our sacrifice. When most of the time, most of us would rather just get along. We must choose to break the spell of violence with compassion. It is to our advantage. Peace is established with peace.