High Moral Activity
By Dale G. Cox   

Here’s a term I’ve heard thrown around a lot lately in relation to the commitment of American troops in the Middle East. It would seem this term is used to imply that no matter what your perspective, certain individuals in America hold that the effort of U.S. troops abroad is “High Moral Action”. That they put themselves in harms way for the American people, should be honored beyond all shadow of a doubt. Forgive me, I have a doubt.

In fact that terminology was used on me lately in an effort to chastise my seemingly “leftist” perspective. I was essentially told that the reason I even have the right to descent was because of the “High Moral Actions” of our young people in uniform. To imply it was disgusting that I took such liberties with my “free speech”, when it came at such a high cost. To further imply that the mere mention of the term “High Moral Action”, completely legitimized any action it was applied to. Young African-Americans are willing to die for control of the busiest drug corners. Does that mean that when their friends are greatly moved by this sacrificial death to preserve the “Spot” for their gang, that the term “High Moral Action” could be applied? I’m sure the “seemingly” conservative right wing gentleman who scolded me for “Not believing” would laugh at the notion. Yet, to all general appearances, U.S. troops in Iraq are giving their lives to do nothing more than preserve the right of their gang to commaditize certain products of that region. A product that dramatically eclipses crack cocaine in its profitable relevance to the everyday lives of millions of people. Oil. Bullshit aside lets apply some critical thought to the concept of “High Moral Activity”.

It should be noted that there is an infinite number of perspectives to be taken on any one given topic. This is so because we are all different. One mans hero is another mans terrorist. One mans god is another mans devil. We live in a realm of subjective illusion. The truth we all secretly or openly seek is a truth that transcends our uniquely individual perspectives. Giving us a common basis upon which to judge our actions and the actions of others. Why? Because, our actions or other people’s actions, usually incur feelings within us. We are very sensitive to feelings. We generally like to feel good. When people or events make us feel bad, we always ask why. Hence, when a concept like “High Moral Actions” makes us feel bad, we really have to ask the question why. Especially when it is presumed that these actions are supposed to make us feel good.

Indeed, some people in Nazi Germany in 1938 felt Adolf Hitler was motivated by “High Moral Ideals”. Well, we all know how that turned out. One person's “High Moral Actions” can indeed be another’s “Highly Immoral Crimes”. It would be safer, in a public opinion sense, to not even make the association of one’s deeds being presumably "High" and/or "Moral". Then you wouldn’t have to prove it. But, in the sense of today’s geopolitical environment, the people using the term do it in such a way as to bring divine permissiveness to their deeds. When murder has never been divinely permissible. They combine terms like “High Moral Action” with the form of propaganda known as “Nationalism” and deceive people into following ideas who’s only intent is not “National” gain, but individual gain. Now, while half of America is tying yellow ribbons around the old oak tree and yelling “Support our Troops”, the other half of America is being appalled by the nerve of the Bush junta to make war for the profit of their associated business interests.

In all my years and philosophical wanderings I have come across a few philosophically established concepts that tend to give what I think is the best definition of “High Moral Actions”. The simplest and most concise are the “Ten Commandments”. These concepts can strike through any geopolitical connotation to the core nature of the intent of their “actions”. There’s an old saying that actions speak louder than words. It should be noted that not so much the actions themselves, but the results, are what speak louder than the words. This is the area where the spiritual intent of our actions is notable. This is the evidence of the karma of intent. Actions undertaken with the intent to do good, do NOT produce ill effects in anyone involved. You can also apply this “law” to your personal lives. Only an act of ill will produce ill effects, even if it is disguised as an act of goodness. This is a necessary fact of the spiritual reality we live in, because humanity has the free will to lie. Any act of high morality must have as its key component the desire to do good by all concerned. This is a key truth in coming to understand the spiritual nature of mankind. The one true “High Moral Act” in our recorded history, in and of itself, left no ill residual effects. This was the sacrifice of the Christ. This Being killed no one to get his point across. In fact, he let his own life be taken to set an example, in the hopes of inspiring us to rise to a higher expression of human nature through love. The only act of violence he ever perpetrated was against what he obviously knew would be the greatest nemesis to his purpose in the future, the Moneychangers and those who allowed them to desecrate the temple. Suffice to say two thousand years later these two groups, the Moneychanger’s and the church are still desecrating the “Holy Temple”. They have become the greatest impediment to humanity’s realization of the true nature of the Christ being.

Since the 1990 Gulf War, roughly 120,000 Gulf War Vets have become ill from what most refer to as “Gulf War Syndrome”. At least 15,000 have died as a direct result, while only about 300 actually died as a result of combat. At the time the liberation of Kuwait was regarded as a “High Moral Act”. Although it did indeed liberate the people of Kuwait, if one observes the results of “Gulf War Syndrome” it brings into question the hidden intent of the actions. Since the end of that war the United States government has refused to acknowledge that the most common contributor to Gulf War Syndrome was its use of Depleted Uranium munitions. In its defense, it has not even presented a plausible case that Gulf War Syndrome may have been a result of Iraqi chemical or biological weapons. Which would have given even greater credibility to its purpose of eliminating Iraq’s WMD’s in Gulf War 2. The governments answer has always been that these individuals, whom all have Gulf War service in common, died of circumstances not related to military service. Hence, in regards to the notion of Kuwait’s liberation being a High Moral Action, the end result was highly immoral. To the sum of defending the use of highly toxic and radioactive munitions because their ability to create destruction far outweighed their residual impact on the planet or its current and future generations. This is a war crime, and as such the criminals responsible need to be prosecuted. But they are still in control of the arsenal of the United States of America. This fact does indeed terrify the world.

When we look at Gulf War 2, we see the same egocentric aspirations. Depleted uranium is still being used. In the liberation of Baghdad the key components of the culture were allowed, and reports say even encouraged, to be looted. While the assets of value to the “businessmen” in Washington, primarily the “Oil Ministry”, were protected. The bounty of Iraqi culture was sacrificed to the vultures of High Moral Activity. Our young warriors were again exposed to the radioactive fallout of depleted uranium, while their actions were vaulted as High and Moral. They were used much the same way our young people have been used for centuries. To be the killers for other people’s profit. This has never been High Moral Activity. This has always been the most heinous form of evil we can witness in the light of day. Which brings us back to the concepts of the Ten Commandments.

1. I am the Lord thy God. Thou shall have no other gods before me.
2. Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
3. Remember to keep the Sabbath Day.
4. Honor thy Father and thy Mother
5. Thou shall not kill.
6. Thou shall not commit adultery.
7. Thou shall not steal.
8. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
9. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.
10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.

These are by far the most simple and concise definitions of high moral action. Despite the now various interpretations of their purpose, they were originally meant to be an inner guide. It was easily foreseeable by God that the external law would only give mankind something to corrupt. God knew it was in mankind’s nature to be evil. These simple commandments were given to us as a guide for our souls, “journey through the valley in the shadow of death”. The Christ was their living example. God knew that one-day man would throw off the yolk of the external law for his own purposes. Christ came to set the premise of the commandments in our hearts. God knew that sin and evil could only enter the world through his children. By giving us true free will, we were free to condemn ourselves to hell in our ignorance of how the Universe worked. But by choosing, of our own free will, the sacrifice of high moral action displayed to us by the peaceful nature of the Christ, we could redeem the world and lead all God’s people back into the light of heaven. Those who drive us to wage perpetual war know this. Their intention, through the destructive actions of violence and perpetual war, is to drive our souls deeper into hell, and eventually turn us away from the light of God. Condemning our souls to eternity in darkness.

These Evil people use the term of “High Moral Actions” deceptively. They glorify the sacrifice of our children for their purposes. Ever lying to us and misleading us into misinterpreting whom the enemy really is. Consistently seeking to convince us violence is right so long as someone who holds power over us tells us it is. When they know that no act of murder is permissible in the eyes of God. Although it may be forgivable by the act of sacrifice perpetrated by the Christ. The soul does not avoid the karma set in motion by said acts. The uninitiated individual does not understand the course of its soul in relation to reincarnation. It does not understand the deeper spiritual effects, not only on itself in it’s next life, but also on the world it currently lives in. While the men who guide us do. This act is no less in severity to teaching a child, first to use drugs, then to sell drugs to its friends. This is no different than a man forcing sexual relations with his own daughter. This is an act of premeditated aggression against innocence. High Moral Action cannot be achieved through violence of any form. It is indeed a higher moral action to seek to pull this degenerative action into the light, as I’m doing know with my words, than to take a life, or to murder innocence. So long as our culture refuses to accept the undeniable existence of Evil in this world. Our High Moral Actions will always fall prey to corruption by the vanity of the human ego. The result of the action will always tell us the truth of its intent. Be that intent to do good or harm.

Indeed, two thousand years later, it could be said the sacrifice of the Christ has resulted in untold horror for many people throughout history. Indeed, the Christ itself perpetrated none of these actions. Men who failed to follow even the first commandment did. Thou shall have no other God before me. They failed to realize that God is Love. Their God is vanity. You can choose not to follow these men. You too can participate in High Moral Action, merely by seeking to spread love in the world. Peace. Shalom. Salaam.