The Great Deception
Materialism and the Effect of Idealism
By Dale G. Cox


Here we are at the dawn of a new millennium. Humankind has subdued the planet and mastered the resources of survival. We have acquired the knowledge to manipulate the creation of "Life" to presumably make "Life" on the planet better for everyone. With the aid of technology the world is becoming a smaller place everyday. We know what happens anywhere in the world shortly after it happens. We are making those first lurching steps towards the realization of a global community. In America, we see ourselves at the forefront of this movement. It is our technological might that leads the world forward, and our vigilance that protects it. To be American, and to live in America, is what most people in the world strive for. Why? Because they want to live in the land of abundance, they want hot and cold running water; they want access to medical services, and the ability to raise a family in a safe healthy environment. They wanted to live somewhere where American terrorism hadn't touched yet, at least prior to the first bombing of the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993. Now, after the fallout of September 11th, 2001, most of them would rather see us burn in hell.

Meanwhile… The loyal American media has been busily giving you reasons why the rest of the world wants to see us burn in hell, but as most of the corporate media are the unwitting servants of evil, they've left out the real important parts. Like the truth! Or, at least half of the truth. This essay is about the vice of nationalism and its documented effects on human cultural history. Nationalism was a psychological tool created by individuals who desired the means to motivate a mass of people in a specific direction. Americans, especially Christian Americans, are being called by the hypnosis of Nationalism to serve their country loyally. What this stands for in real terms, is a call to everyone who is willing to conform his or herself to the established definition of an American. In traditional terms, that refers to White Conservative Christian America. The hotdog, apple pie, on a red and white checkerboard tablecloth, somewhere near a Chevy, kind of America. Be informed you have been evolved into a controllable, iconographic social group. The brown people in America have always been Americans, which is why they show flags on their cars and such, primarily to remind the "White Majority" that they have been here and their American too. It shows they feel they must continually remind "America" they are Americans, while the "White American" is already somehow convinced he is the only citizen. This is an indicator of racism. Nationalism and Racism go almost hand in hand. The idea of rallying the so-called "White Majority" has something to do with creating yet another concept of proxy, putting middleclass America between "Us" and "Them", the poor and the rich. If you will, take a step back in history, when Adolph Hitler used the hypnosis of nationalism on the German people, he too was calling on White Conservative Protestant Germans. In that light you should take a look at what happened to those White Christians. They were accessory's to the genocidal butchering of several million people, and the destruction of Europe. You rally to their cause and become their willing cannon fodder, as if you'll reap any benefit from the conflict. You won't. You'll just get used, burned, and buried. The German people did, they were laid waste, but the Corporations that fueled their demise and the Dark forces that drove them were not. They slipped into the shadows and are resurfacing today as American Corporate Nationalism. 

There has been a struggle going on for the entirety of human history. It is the struggle between good and evil. Now I'm aware many of you have yet to be convinced about the reality of evil in the world. Mainly because if there really was good, how could it let so much evil exist in the world. Hence, because real good doesn't exist, real evil must also be a myth. I am certain in time you will abandon this lack of belief. If you are of common sense and open mind, eventually you will discard the blinders of idealism and realize the world your living in has no requirement at all to conform to the way you want to see it. Materialism merely says evil can't exist because we can't measure it. Evil is walking among you disguised by the illusion of materialism. Lets go back to those wizards of old. Magic was mastered before materialism. Industrialism is merely the primitive form of magic. Initiated masters of old knew more about who you were and where you are going, then modern psychologists do about what you do today. Materialism was the mask created for the sole purpose of hiding the world of magic from you. Why? Because if you didn't know anything about your magic, A: You couldn't use it, B: you couldn't use it to protect yourself and C: someone else could then use it against you. The purpose of materialism was to draw you into the belief that the physical world was the only reality. Hence all of our definitions of "phenomena" come from physical observation. When a father erupts in an episode of extreme passion that leaves his wife and children dead, we say he had a chemical imbalance, rather than, at a moment of extreme frustration his will collapsed and he allowed a demon (passion?) to come through him and destroy his life. Of course the argument is do we allow him to default responsibility to the demon, which we can't catch or measure, or is the man still responsible? The man is ultimately responsible, as are you, for what you allow to express itself through you. This was supposed to be part of your magic lesson. 

You are a magical being of most profound proportions. You are the doorway between the world of spirit and the world of form. Think of yourself as a bridge. No spiritual entity can express itself on the material plane without first acquiring a body, which would commit it to karma, or by channeling through another human being on the material plane. Neither God, nor Satan, can express here except through us. Love comes into the world through us. Hate and violence come into the world through us. This law binds us to the results of our expression via the law of karma. You reap what you sow. For you devout Christians, Christ forgives you for your sins, but you must still reap the karma of your actions. (Galatians 6:7) The universe is not to be undone by the mere whim of our imaginations into how it works. The Universe is the ultimate reflection; it shows us what we put into it. As aspects of the God that is the unity we call love, every single one of us intimately effects the universe every moment of every day.

What does all this have to do with Nationalism? You must realize that for all intensive purposes, you are an animal. The bible refers to you as a flock, and the people who have governed you, since the beginning, consider you to be one. The next note you must remember is that just because they didn't have technology and machines in the past doesn't mean those people were stupid. Quite the contrary, many of the mediums being used to manipulate you today were discovered hundreds of years ago. The advent of machines into our current time has merely made it easier for "them" to be implemented. 

Now before you go getting all flustered about the notion of being a controlled animal, you need to look around. I mean really look around. Everyday you get up at a certain time for the specific purpose of performing tasks of pleasure or labor. You own NOTHING! You really have NO POWER! You have a choice in what you do, but basically you perform for rewards. Granted, most of us support this system because it has advantages, like running water, medical services, and because it provides a great medium for us to evolve culture and pursue recreational time. The question being, who provides the direction for culture? Economically, we are still the feudalistic serfs we were several hundred years ago. The Corporation or the Company is your immediate Lord, you perform labor in return for a place to live, land, and to acquire other things you want. The Banks represent the monarchy, a position they hold via the proxy of Government. They can take your land either by you defaulting on your loan to the bank, or not paying your property tax to the government.  Since the Banks own the Governments it all goes to the same place in the end. Now indeed there are valid arguments for why this is a functional system, and I could support those concepts. I'm not trying to shoot the messenger, just trying to get you to the message.

This is the complexity of culture. You wonder how certain "Individuals" could be in control of all this? It's because they've always been in control. With the delivery of the law to Abraham, he was in control, he began the cosmopolitanization of humanity during this current historical epoch. Thus there were individuals who evolved faster than the rest of us. The "A" students. They evolved the concept of group governments because they did it, they were the good shepherds, the Priests, Kings, Emperors, Governments, Republics, and creators of Democracy. Each expression of leadership was influenced by the times, and created from the experiences of the past. 

Search the web for the "Trading with the Enemy Act", and take your time exploring the realm of intrigue surrounding "War for profit". When America was barely thirteen colonies, European Banking Magnates were changing the face of Europe by buying and selling mercenaries, manipulating small monarchs into debt to their banks for the high cost of fighting and winning war. Two hundred years ago the notion of "War for Profit", was everyday life in European cultures. While we were living mostly in log cabins. They were living in hedonistic splendor considering us to be barbarians. We were merely the frontier of the colonial world. Even Colonial settlers were always a tool of acquisition. We build nations, the Banking structure enslaves nations to debt. For at least 2000 years the Catholic Church has also been an integral part of western culture. It is the primary influence in the western Judeo-Christian religious concepts. The Church chose not to teach us how to use our magic, or that we even had it. Culture was ordered as such that the elite taught the rest of us how to do things, a process necessary for building civilization. The Church was the fear of God they used to manipulate us. Which means as civilization rose up they rose up on our backs. Very simple dynamic when you look at it. These days we're rising out of their control and they can't allow that. The point to note here is this, we're all pheasants to the elite, no matter what color or "Nationality" we are. Always have been and always will be.

They have been influential in creating an environment of violence on the planet. For thousands of years the peasant has fought wars for the elite. War has changed culture through the dynamic of technological growth in light of threats to "Nationalism". The very notion of government is to provide the division between groups necessary to create conflict and the subsequent acceleration of mechanical evolution. Which is why its important for all of us to be involved in what we perceive and how we would express ourselves as a nation. For which the mechanism was provided by our constitution for us to do exactly that in relation to our elected government. The Democratic Process. It is now plain to see that that process has been usurped from us. Leading one to question why and what will happen as a result of this usurpation. 

The value of illusion should be highly respected. We are in such a state of social confusion we have trouble even believing each other. This is the result of over exposure to illusion. When you don't understand the world, you eventually begin to unconsciously fill in the blanks with your own illusion. Call it idealism. This is the weapon of yet a more removed force. The Antichrist! As we become more prone to defining the world as we see it. We give this force more room to enter unnoticed. The Antichrist is the concept of decay we create in our misunderstanding of who we are in relation to a decaying world. Not recognizing the conflict between good and evil that surrounds you does not make it go away. When I read a story in the newspaper about a father who raped his son's 19yr old girlfriend, and has allegedly murdered two more 13yr old girls and hidden their bodies somewhere in the house. I do not see this as a chemical imbalance. If you want to call it that then look at the question of what could cause such a deviance in the very human nature of this man? Poptarts, maybe a chicken burrito, food poisoning, malnutrition, dehydration, maybe alcoholism, some emotional abuse from his father? This individual is no longer a human being. His will and spirit have been driven down into animality by his exposure to the world you walk through every day. Something else now sits where a human being was born. This is the enemy we face. Not banks, and governments, because even their minds have been influenced by this force into believing that somehow they would prevail, or somehow escape damnation. Though, it is these very institutions that the dark force uses to subdue us. The consistent decay of our individual self-esteem has a dynamic effect on the expression of the entire human culture. You can tell the nature of a thing from the reality of what it does. Actions speak louder than words. America is distracted by words and never pays attention to the truth of actions. We have issues!

It is your choice. If you would not poison a man's children to exploit his natural resources, you should not support a government that would. Our individual values are complex. Our national values must be simple. Any position that moves our future away from peaceful co-existence with the rest of the world must be questioned. We are after all an expression of the whole world. We will eventually find ourselves in contention with the world. Like we are now. The amount of money we spend on war would easily make the world a peaceful happy place. But instead that money is used to create pain and grief and conflict. This is a value that should be questioned. The very expression of our culture is causing mass destruction to the world on a variety of levels. America is not a benevolent entity. Colonialism is a destructive force. It is ever the acquisition of material, greed. These values of greed and malevolence affect us individually. They whip us into an ever-escalating social conflict. Like rats in a maze, we are driven into contention with each other for our very survival for our very expression. The industrial revolution did not improve our lives it put them into more peril. We are slaves to economy and economy is being used to destroy us. How do you grow food when you have no seed? How do you license seed when it existed before the concept of licensing? How will our culture survive when private individuals control the power switch? We are a culture held hostage by the very consumerism we're addicted too. So in reality, your ass is already in the fire. This is your struggle for survival. This dark force strives to envelop the whole world in fire, and your soul in darkness for giving in to it. Preach good intention and practice it with everyone you meet. Because you're ultimately meeting yourself. What you show to the universe it will eventually show back to you. Peace!