God does not bless America

Time for a new reality of the Christ


In the beginning there was a Word, it was “go”, shortly thereafter the war began! There probably shouldn’t be any self proclaimed Christian alive who doesn’t know that he/she is engaged in the war between heaven and hell everyday. But it seems that not many are aware of the full scope of this battle, or how it appears in the world around us. Our great Crusades are more subtle and silent, happening inside of us instead of out. We are currently in the midst of a great battle and not many seem to notice. Have we become so comfortable with the Christ’s forgiveness? That we seem to think he will forgive us for anything and everything we do? He will. But he also told us in Ga:6:7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Ga:6:5: For every man shall bear his own burden. We seem to have lost sight of the original purpose. This is due to several factors I shall attempt to illuminate with this essay.

To begin with, there seems to be little reflection upon the truth of the word. All throughout the bible we are reminded to be ever vigilant, to be not tempted or discouraged by evil. Indeed I believe a great many saints recognize this but fail to act upon it. It could be you spend too much time letting other people read the bible to you rather than read it for yourself, meditating on what you’ve read, and then seeking to practice it. Or you read, but you are caught up in a world that is slowly but consistently shifting into grey every issue that used to be clearly defined in black and white. Suddenly we are confronted by the face of the seemingly innocent pleading for equality, the equality of sin. They mean us no harm, but they feel that the nature of sin they care to engage in is permissible under the concept of freedom America offers. I also think that a great many of us have become complacent in the knowledge that we are already forgiven for our sins. We figure that as long as we adhere to the rules of the physical world we live in we are good. The difference here is between laws based in the flesh versus laws based in the spirit. Understandably, it is just as easy to say that the reason the grey encroaches upon us, is because of the absence of Esoteric study and teaching by the church, throughout the course of church history, low these last two thousand years. The study of Esoterica is critical to helping the individual arrive at a perspective that becomes contrary to arbitrariness. Understanding the workings of the universe and ones place in it!

I sat this morning watching a TV pastor preach to his congregation. He spoke about the second coming of the Christ, encouraging his flock to be prepared for the “Rapture”. He made it sound as if he expected, or wanted his flock to expect to be among the “lifted up” when the rapture occurred. That’s rather presumptuous, if not a bit vain for any Pastor. Time for a reality check folks! If you are internet capable, simply call up a Google search for “Christian Churches in America”. When I did it I got back 1,140,000 hits. Now granted not all of those were actual churches, as not all of the churches in America have established web presences. Here’s the trick, if there were only 144,000 churches in America that would mean only one person from every church stands a chance of being “called up” with the Lord in the Rapture. Realistically we know there are more, there are just as many if not more in every country on this planet. Which means, realistically, that about one tenth of a member of your church might potentially get “called up” in the Rapture. Think that’s going to be you, or maybe your pastor? This notion should send a shiver up your spine, both as you contemplate the scope of Christianity on the planet, and your potential for being around for the tribulation. I’m not saying this to discourage you. Only to say it may not be a bad time to deepen ones commitment to wisdom and love in the way of the Christ.

Most of us like to imagine the spiritual world as an invisible intangible environment where we simply cast our hopes and aspirations, and with luck we fair favorably. This is not the case. I look around at America and what I see happening is a crisis of faith. I read a Time Article from the week of December 22, talking about the Lost Gospels of Christ and how people were looking for something more than what they’ve been getting. We are a different people today than we were five hundred years ago, or even two thousand. I know my journey to the Christ was not an easy one. I needed tangible proof that the spirit world existed. This even after I had given my life to Christ! What I needed was to understand “why”, faith alone was not enough. I did indeed get my answer, because god is patient with us, and it desires to connect with us as much, if not more than we desire to connect with it. I think the nature of the connection becomes the issue for most people today because we live in a culture based so deeply in materialism that it makes it hard for us to believe in the invisible. This is where the church has failed us.

A key notion to understanding the nature of the war we have been caught up in, is gaining a true understanding of the nature of the world and us in it. Modern materialism repeatedly reminds us that if we can’t see it, or measure it, it must not be there. A key difference between us and the Christian of the first century AD, is that materialism as we know it today did not exist then. If you study the metaphoric content of mythology, you see that ancient peoples based their entire life on the world of spirit that surrounded them in nature and the heavens. As time has passed and we have evolved into the machine age, the church has gone from being a building imbued with living spirit, to a building made simply of brick and stone. Machines have drawn us away from seeing the world as spirit born, to seeing it as nothing more than a complex sequence of chemical reactions. Thus, our perception of spirit has been compromised by our technological progress, a changing of our perception. In order to lead a truly spiritual life we must individually build a bridge to a world we cannot see. Faith becomes a key element in that structure. Faith is the antidote of fear.

I can testify that this process takes time, but most importantly it takes change on our part. We have further to go within ourselves than that Christian did in the first century AD. Today we think materialism means that we get sucked into the gratuitous acquisition of stuff. I know people who think that by not having an attachment to stuff that they are more spiritual. When in all actuality to be trapped in materialism means you cannot see yourself outside of your physical body. To put that another way, you must begin to see yourself as a spiritual being connected to the cosmos, not just in your body, but in the scope of the entirety of human endeavor through every act of your free will. You must see the entirety of human history as the reflection of the struggle of one individual. And you must begin to let go of the world of sense that we rely on to our undoing. You cannot begin to build your bridge if you rely solely on your five physical senses. This is where we must, for the moment, leave the restrictive physical concept of historic Christianity. This is indeed the impulse behind our search for something more. This was indeed the point at which I left the physical Christianity in search of something more. My answers came from the realm of Esoterica.

One key to being a Christian in today’s modern world is to do some research into the history of Christianity. If you remember that we have been engaged in spiritual warfare ever since Eve convinced Adam to eat the apple. Then you’ve got to consider the notion that in 2000 years, the inner nature of the church could be compromised. One key point of evidence for this is how in 1870 the Pope declared the order of Papal Infallibility. Which in essence meant that the Pope had positioned himself between God and Us, and everything he declared as church law, God would automatically support. Case in point, the way the church handled the whole affair of child molestation by pastors in the church. The Pope initially presumed to keep the matter under the jurisdiction of the church, where the church would mete out punishment for the crimes, rather than turning the said Pastor’s over to civil authorities. Eventually they gave in only because of the public outcry but initially the Pope presumed to keep it a church affair. Now understandably, not all Christians are Catholic. But what you have to understand is that the book you know as the bible, in most cases, contains material that has been censored and controlled by the Catholic Church for the past 2000 years. Religious history concerning doctrine and the bible is long and bloody. The Pope frequently dispatched armies to destroy any concepts of Christianity that were contrary to the position of the church. Especially in the realm of Esoterica!

Esoterica stems from the Latin prefix “eso” which means internal. Modern Christianity today is referred to as Exoteric, meaning external, as it focuses on the physical life of Jesus of Nazareth. Esoteric Christianity tells the story of the Christ being that came down to posess Jesus of Nazareth in the river Jordan. Esoteric Christianity tells the spiritual mission of the Christ. Jesus was a man, the Christ was a divine spirit that inhabited his body during the baptism, and died on the cross in an act of cosmic love that will literally echo within our very souls for eternity. The Church of old took great pains to eliminate anyone who pursued esoteric Christianity. Especially after the 8th Ecumenical Council of Constantinople in 870 AD. When the Church denounced the teaching of Spirit! Eliminating western humanity’s exposure to esoteric Christianity, and splitting the Church into Western and Eastern Orthodox. Throughout history groups daring to study and teach doctrines of esoteric spiritual knowledge were eventually eliminated. The Templars, Cathars, Rosicrucians and a few others met their end for this very reason. I’ve said all this to say, that if the western Christian had been exposed to esoteric knowledge, life in America today would be very different.

God may bless individual American’s based on the course of their personal lives. But the point is that for a modern day Christian to believe he or she has the right to justify violence or murder for any reason and feel forgiven or even justified in the eyes of god is pure blasphemy. The enemy has made certain that the entire process of western civilization has been borne on violence. We have been trained generation after generation, that violence is the end of all conflict. Not recognizing that at that point in time where the incident at Golgotha occurred we were given the answer to change the future. Love! Here we are 2000 years after that incident and we seem to have missed it. No where in the Commandment “thou shalt not kill” is the word “except”, or even “but”. If Christ does not condone murder for any reason, why would a modern day American Christian imagine “God Blesses America’s” war of aggression? Because without doubt, it is a war of aggression! Always has been! The Christ told us so, and we continued to use it as an excuse like nothing ever changed. If you were a real Christian, the moment George Bush attached the notion of God condoning his war of aggression, you should have been furious. Such an abomination to the Holy Spirit was his act. If it gave you a sense of great pride, then believe that you worship another god before the Christ. Such has ever been the curse of Mankind’s vanity. The point of that matter being, our good “Shepard’s” were long ago replaced by wolves in “Shepard’s” clothing. Their sole intention throughout history has been to lead your soul right into hell. Look around you, we’re getting closer, not long now, just one quiet little act of violation at a time, blurring the line between Good and Evil, with an ever growing concept of grey. If your eyes weren’t blinded by the being you worship before the Christ, you would see the elite as what they are. A group of self-interested individuals who have only ever been set on elevating themselves at the expense of our innocence.

No! I’m afraid God does not bless America, but Satan does. America has just been another enterprise of the world’s elite. America is the graveyard of the native American who lived here for at least 20,000 years before Western civilization got here and killed him. America was built with the profits of a colonial drug trade. America was built with the tears and anguish of tortured slaves, most of whom were just murdered when they were no longer necessary. For most of its history it has proudly darkened its heart with the blight of racism. In its vanity and pride, it has fallen prey to an ever darkening global expression via an elite corps of individuals who have successfully usurped its concept of democracy. Replacing it with a hidden plutocracy bent on sucking every ounce of life from its soul, then casting it aside. If you recollect, Nazi Germany was also a predominantly Christian nation. Do you believe that God blessed them? They were infected by the same racist scourge creeping into the heart of America. These Super villains have performed all manner of atrocity’s in the name of America, but for their own private interests. Be warned! This false house of god is falling. If we had followed the teachings of the Christ 2000 years ago, violence would be a rare thing today. When we learn to overcome our differences with love, we will change the potential of all future incidents of conflict. But until then, be ye not deceived or diverted by the worship of false gods into believing God blesses violence in any form for any reason. To that notion there can be no compromise. Peace unto you.


Dale G. Cox