What is Depleted Uranium, or 

What's wrong with you you stupid military fucks!
By Dale G. Cox                                8-10-2000

Depleted uranium(DU) is just another in a long serious of toxic substances that has been unleashed on our sensitive ecosystem. Like fluoride, depleted uranium is a toxic waste. Like Fluoride, industry has found what it thinks is a solution to an expensive waste problem. Depleted Uranium(DU) is a by-product of nuclear fission. In natural uranium, the proportion of the isotope 235 is only about 0.7 percent. The greater part is uranium 238. Industry can only use 235 as fissible material in nuclear power plants. Thus, they must enhance the 238. As a result large quantities of waste 238 are produced, depleted uranium(DU). The costs for storing this waste are dramatically expensive. Which would raise the question of why we use it in the first place. Where, is the profit? 

The Military industrial complex seems to have an answer to that question. DU is a very dense material. It has been found that when being used as a projectile, DU enhanced projectiles have the ability to penetrate hardened steel like a hot knife through butter. Joyous. In the growing competition for more effective ways to bring about human extermination, this is an industry boon. It totally revolutionized anti-tank warfare, as foot soldiers don't wear steel armor. They are however, effected by the radiation this metal emits after it has sliced through its target. More bang for the buck. So where does the madness end. Call me a holdover from the days of chivalry, but if you can't stand before me and look me in the eye as you kill me, your purpose is as without honor as are you. These days we know war has digressed to nothing more than complex banditry, perpetrated by bourgeois brigands, creating profit out of chaos.

As I am not a scientist (in a traditional sense) here are some links to help you get a better understanding of the threat to our environment and our health. Because, as is proved day in and day out throughout America, weapons of destruction don't respect ideology, religious disposition, or borders. They simply kill people. So if you think these weapons would never harm Americans, link to the Gulf war Vets page and read about "Gulf War Syndrome".

I am not seeking to influence your opinion. This article was written to give you the opportunity to become aware of a threat to your immediate environment. But, if you should feel so inclined as to get pissed off, yet again, about more fucked up shit perpetrated by the wealthy power elite, feel free. This is a perfectly good issue to get pissed off about, so don't feel your dissappointment, in some seemingly responsible grown men making such selfishly immature decisions, is out of place. This is proof to you yet once again, that we must communicate and integrate to a much higher degree than we currently do. Our planet is too small for the amount of violence occuring on it on a daily basis. Our souls can only carry so much of this burden of guilt. Get involved, tell a friend, tell an enemy and make a friend of them. We are all one in the same. I'm sure if your interested you will find more sources for info. Here's a few to get you started. Enjoy.

What Is Depleted Uranium

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