Human Multidimensionality            7-15-98
By Dale G. Cox

Who are we? More importantly, what are we? A question we probably seldom ask. Most of us take for granted that the purpose of our reality is to live the life set before us by the people who came before us. Like sitting down in a restaurant and having a plate of food just set before you, no menu. Get an education, do what your told, get a job, do what your told, get married, do what your told, and die. A real human being, by mere nature of existence, could not take this without question. So, human, care to see a menu?

It is inherent in our nature to question. That’s what differentiates humans from animals. The ability to observe the nature of our surroundings with more than an instinctual reaction. Hence, there must be more to us than meets the eye, something that exists beyond the instinct of the animal body. When was the last time you had to think about breathing, or remember to wake up and breath while you were asleep? Our bodies are merely vessels within which our spirits experience the sensual world. Physical bodies die, decompose, and are recycled back into new life in the physical world. Your spirit, the part of you separate from the body, lives on again and again. It is here to experience the flow of consciousness towards self-awareness. Much the way a human infant will go thru the steps of touching, tasting, seeing and smelling to understand the world around it. In spirit, we are the children of god thinking, feeling, dreaming, and evolving into an understanding of our universal essence.

The body is the source of the ego. It is created by environment. That environment consists of the astrological lens created by the position of the planets in the sky at the point and time of birth. Astrology creates what I like to call our handicap. A way we will behave in situations of interaction with other humans. Astrology is the nature of gravity having an influence on light. We are that light. Parents and our social environment make up the rest of the ego environment. Ego is the experience of the localized effect of every day life. The things we experience and how we perceive them. Which then dictates our actions day to day. We seek to express creatively and discover the power to make a reality for ourselves, with others. A loved one hurts us emotionally, and we go thru the process of how to respond. Which is where the higher soul and the heart come into the picture.

The heart is central to all we are. The heart is connected to our higher being. Wherein reside all the memories of all the experiences we’ve had in relation to this physical world. We have not always been here, and we all eventually leave to go elsewhere. There’s no telling how long we’ve been here. Each lifetime that we incarnate brings with it a new set of lessons. Those lessons are derived from our localized actions in the previous life, then coordinated with the larger lessons our souls are pursuing, and that lays the groundwork for the next life to be experienced. Your soul is the sum total of all the lifetimes it has experienced. Thus as we evolve our lessons evolve with us. Sometimes we are simple folk, or maybe a world leader, or a starving child. Each lifetime, no matter what character we play, is full of valuable knowledge about us as beings. Like being an actor on a stage, we get to play any character we want. The trick is you must live the results of your actions. You reap what you sow. How else could you understand what you do when you do it. For every action there is a reaction that defines it. Thus, when that loved one makes an action that breaks your heart, your experience is your own, but that other person will eventually get the opportunity to know how that felt. It doesn’t always have to come from you. Your heart can draw upon its experience to help you respond appropriately. Be that with anger or forgiveness.

In light of this we begin to see the parameters of our multidimensionality. Your consciousness is the focal point for a variety of influences. In your day to day expression you are confronted by other souls on similar journeys. Every living being on this planet has a soul. We hope. Every soul on this planet is involved in evolution. This planet is a very special school. Nothing happens here that is not related to the curriculum called evolution. Nothing happens to you that is not related to your personal curriculum. What may appear as an accident to you, could be and probably was a purposeful intervention. The nature of consciousness is that it is self-evolving. Sometimes it will find a hole to hide in, or try to, just so it doesn’t have to grow or change. Consciousness can become stuck, and like a log caught in a rushing river, god then exerts more force on the log to dislodge it so it can move again. Everything in the universe is in motion. From the subatomic to the astronomic. So things usually happen to us to help us change our perspectives so we can get moving again. But, our god is a merciful god. It will back off when we’ve had too much. But we must get a grip on ourselves. God will never give us more than we can bear. We on the other hand can be quite sadistic, and god gives us what we ask for. We get bent out of shape literally and dive into deep dark tunnels of nightmare to punish us for failing to meet the expectations of some other ego. Fun. If god were not here we’d become seriously lost in our own nightmare realities. That’s what’s going on outside of us.

Inside, our minds are these warrens of illusion and perfect pictures of how we think things outta be, a kaleidoscope of thoughts, feelings, and memory’s. We are remembering where we have been. We are judging ourselves according to our surroundings. We are attracted to people and experiences. We create affiliations with other souls and discover the reflection of god within us. The environment of our experience marvels us. Until the experience causes us pain. Then fear creates a whole new dimension of experience for us. The landscape becomes more involved. We attack back, we hide, but we spend our entire lives adjusting to a variety of circumstances, the future of which change with every decision we make. Some humans try to detach themselves from this playground for the spiritually aware. This behavior can lead to a very lonely place. The lessons are not passed up, merely held up for the next life. To be repeated until the lesson is learned.

Our external environment does not always decide who we are. You have the astrological experience, the environmental experience, and then you have the higher soul. The being, within you, that has experienced lifetime after lifetime. Not knowing that character, we can’t always recognize where it shines thru in our personality. But there are means to divine and learn to recognize that character. Personal habits and expressions do not always come from our parents. Notice those individual traits about yourself that are different. They are you. Not only is the heart connected to this core of knowledge, but it also stimulates your intuition. The little voice in your head that warns you a few seconds before something happens. Usually, before we can react to the voice, we are engaged in the moment and forget. There are many tools available to teach you the parameters of your intuition, and how to use it in your everyday life. Many of these tools, including the information I’m giving you now, fall under the category of taboo. For centuries certain individuals have worked diligently to steer us away from this information. So they could then use it against us. Some of those individuals were us, in different lifetimes. There is a time for all things, now is the time for us to awake from our long slumber.

We are nearing a point in our evolution where we need to look up from our work and pat ourselves on the back for what we have accomplished. We always need to do this. Sometimes it can seem like our lives are moving too fast. We never have the time to keep up with everything. Sometimes it seems we hardly move at all. Our life is a featureless cycle of repetition. We’re not even sure we have changed at all. If you will observe, your life gets moving faster when you begin to interact with other people. When you isolate yourself, things slow back down. Reflection time. Time for you to remember what you have been thru recently, and question what it was all about. There is also a group energy we respond too. As humanity we are all connected via the energy of god that is us. A body of people in close proximity, like in a city or town, will generate a field or perspective, more subtle than the other influences in your life, but there just the same. If its Friday, everyone’s in a hurry, if its Monday, no one has any motivation. Go to a sports event, if the home team is winning everyone there is charged, losing and everyone is bummed. We are constantly swimming in a sea of experience. Life is a valuable experience we should not waste. Learning your lessons in this life is the key to achieving the highest joy you can in this reality. Sometimes it may seem your going in the wrong direction, but every direction is the right direction. We’re only here to learn to trust our hearts. That is the compass that will guide us beyond this physical realm. We must always remember to open our hearts. So much of our experience works to close them. When we learn to go with our heart, we are going in the right direction. It is our biggest challenge. Of course, stubbornness can stand in the way of this, I know. But that’s a choice. The power of choice is our most imminent power as beings. Life is a matter of choices, feel free to make a few. Choose to open your heart and you will understand the core of the lesson we are here to learn. Waiter.