The Lesson of Unlearning!                               5-7-1998
By Dale G. Cox

? Or should I say, you can't really begin to learn until you unlearn the way you've been taught to learn. Sound cryptic, of course it does, because you've been taught to think so! It is usually the dilemma of the spirit within us, to find its way from behind, A: an overprotective ego, and B: defective software. What, does that sound to machine like for you, time to wake up, your more programmable than you think. Get it? More programmable than you think! Never mind. If I can figure it out, then anyone else can, and has, and is probably using that against you. So we have a whole industry(psychiatry), dedicated to helping us reprogram, but be very careful of their program, its defective too. So, what does unlearning have to do with learning? Inherent knowledge! What's that you ask? Knowledge that is a natural aspect of your spiritual nature. Just as the body has the inherent knowledge of how to function. Make the heart pump, produce blood, inhale oxygen, even while your asleep. So to does the psyche come with inherent knowledge of itself. ESP, multisensory perception, the ability to feel connected to everything around it.

So where did it go? Your software was rewritten to make you function with the cultural norm. That knowledge has been removed from the cultural norm. As an infant, you knew more about your parents than they knew about themselves. But they had you at a disadvantage, you needed them to survive, hypothetically. They took advantage of your vulnerability, much the same way their parents took advantage of them, and so on. Centuries ago, steps were taken to remove this knowledge from the cultural norm, and today we call it folly. Today, humans are trained for industrial uses, not for human existence. But to us, we see it as just the way things are. This information is, and has always been available to you. But the cultural norm discourages you from seeking it, by calling it silly. Anyone who practices it is missing a few marbles. Well I certainly hope so, I can't imagine trying to think with marbles in my head. They are pretty and all, but........

To discover ones inherent knowledge, one must begin to question oneself. Why, is a good overall question to start with. We make the material world and all it's shiny baubles, our obsession. While internally, that clenching in our gut defies definition, and will not go away. We strive for a goal, only to achieve it, and find in our heart that we are not satisfied with it. So we create diversions, and try to ignore the heart. Buy more things to hopefully helps us feel better, but it doesn't work. Inherent knowledge knocks at the back door we don't know exists, and we are confused. Inherent knowledge calls to us in the little voice in our heads, and we think we are going crazy. Inherent knowledge is the wisdom and common sense that eventually dawns upon us, after years of internal resistance. Inherent knowledge forces some of us to rebel against the norm. We see thru to it's tricks and can no longer comply to simplistic servitude. Moo moo baa baa. Inherent knowledge shows us we are more than we've been trained to be, and of unfortunately destroys our industrial usefulness. Suddenly we want rights. We no longer allow others to exploit our creative energy. We begin to seek our soul. Finally having discovered we don't actually know where it is, and this confusion has been the source of that internal ache we've suffered from. We have begun to reprogram our minds according to our heart and will. The nature of our internal conflict changes. We are no longer at odds with ourselves, now we are struggling with a society that does not want us to believe we exist outside of its need for us. Does not want us to achieve our personal power, inherent knowledge. Because then, it to would have to accept this realization about itself. Sometimes we are our only resistance.

When we accept our inherent knowledge, we have acknowledged the evolutionary ladder within us. We think of a thing and know its nature. We learn to trust our intuition. If something feels wrong, it probably is, despite what we may want to believe. Intuition helps us find the path to our happiness, by helping us see the nature of our fears. We eventually let go of fear, and begin to tear downs the walls in our consciousness that those fears created. Our expression opens, we're doing and being in ways we never imagined we could. We feel good about ourselves, self-esteem begins to grow. One day we realize the universe is here to respond to us, not us to the universe. We realize we have always had a power.

All this is just the very tiny beginning of where our inherent knowledge can take us. From the intuition you evolve into your clairvoyance, clear sight. Then all knowledge becomes available to you. The meaning of life, the meaning of death, and everything in between. Somewhere along the line you meet god, and realize it is more than mankind has confined it to be. You realize it loves you no matter who you are, and that it doesn't suffer the egotistical concept of judgment. It encourages you to express and to live the consciousness of that expression. It helps you open that door to the love of self, that you have been denied since you entered this world of judgment. Inherent knowledge is the key to our sanity, without it we go mad, and our society will go mad with us.

We must learn to be more accepting of others, and thus more accepting of ourselves. The first major step to that is coming to the realization that you are the author of your reality. You make your decisions and choices based upon what you perceive. Despite the participation of others in the creation of circumstance, your perception is your own. When you take responsibility for the events that happen to you, as manifestation of what you think. Seeing the difference between what you want and what you get , will help you define the truth of yourself. When you've removed your self illusion, you can begin to discover the self. The rest will come, relax, it takes time to unweave a complex self-illusion. There will be changes, there will be pain. Old friends and environments will pass to make way for new friends and environment, supportive of who you have discovered yourself to be. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Should you choose to decline this mission, this message will not self-destruct. It will always be here to encourage you. Because it always has been. Good Luck!!