Spirit                       3-29-1998
By Dale G. Cox

What is the nature of spirit? A broad question indeed. What is the nature of man? The answer is generally contained in the history of the last seven thousand years. Human kind is in motion, without doubt. But does history depict the nature of humanity, or the nature of humanity in search of itself? I think sometimes its a little strange to think of your perspective as something that grows and evolves in and of itself, rather than being something that is. Like a finger. We really do only live in the moment, the ever moving moment of consciousness. But we look behind us and allow expressions of past nature, to influence our present moment. Then, when we project our dreams out into the future, they too, are often limited by perspectives based on the past. Hence the study of archetypes. Most of the archetypes we live by were designed with very specific purposes in mind. Sometimes by individuals who understood the nature of spirit. Sometimes by individuals who were the nature of spirit. We are the evolved product of our past expression. Physically, we have arms, legs, organs and a basic understanding of how they work. But we have only defined the physical portion, what of the spirit that drives it. You can disable the physical brain and the body will survive. But once the spirit leaves permanently, the body is no longer revivable. Most of us are familiar with the notion that we only use 10 to 15% of our brain capacity. But few people question the nature of the other 85%. When it probably contains the faculties that enable us to evolve into multidimensional beings. So lets question! Lets go all the way out, at least as far as I can perceive, or you trying this at home, and work our way back in. Or we can go in and work our way out. Your choice.

The Galaxy, as I know it, is made up entirely of energy in the form of light. Light moving at various speeds, or frequency's, thus varying levels of density. We are this energy essence in various forms of expression. We are self evolving form. The universe, is a field of conscious energy in which we play. We dreamed matter into a physical dimension, by varying our expression and creating atoms as the foundation to more complex dreams. All the while our consciousness has evolved with our creativity. We remember our experience each step of the way. Those experiences become a part of us. They help us to define our nature. All of the lives we have lived in this dimension are an active part of our subconscious.

To lift matter to the form of our expression, has its temptations. We are in the process of evolving the physical environment to allow the full expression of our spirit nature. When we come into the physical now, we forget most of who we are in the experience of becoming physical. What we don't forget, is scared out of us as children. All these experiences blend with past experience and create a new expression. We are not just having a physical experience, we are always having a spiritual experience. We take on bodies like characters in a stage play, and seek to work out the nature of spirit thru our interactions. Thus each character played, becomes a part of the spirit playing it. Alters the spirit according to its perspective. Thus all expression is relative. The infinite archetype.

Astrology then, becomes the first major influence spirit experiences upon entering the physical. Gravity. The planets are in constant motion. Their gravitational influences pushing and pulling our emotions, hour after hour. The first contact with gravity at the point of birth, is remembered, creating the complexity of our perspective. Like a lens we perceive reality thru. Impressed upon us in that very first moment of breath. From that point we are spun in a web of experience, much like a theme park. You should marvel at the level of complexity we have demonstrated in the design of this theme park. Yes, we built it! Probably, when we are young, we still have glimpses of our past encounters, but having inserted ourselves into a glove of experience, we're a little stunned at first. Sometimes for years, sometimes many years. Until we one day reach a point where "the question" stops us dead in our tracks. Allows us no forward motion, until certain perspectives are released. We recognize something is going on around us.

Society! A huge crazy maze of millions of other souls running around in human suits, playing. We have played games of fortune, empire, oblivion, and bliss. We have dreamed the magic into our reality, and it responds to our dreams. Like a voice that echoes the images of our minds into the reality around us. We know not that we see only ourselves in the world around us. As we think, reality we do believe into being. Oh, the dramas we have dreamed. The webs we have wove. But all with purpose. Never a drama unresolved, the intricate webs of probability wove infinitely around us. Bringing purpose to every turn. It is this reality we press ourselves against in contest. We push and it pushes back. Sometimes we walk hand in hand. Sometimes flinging each other about. It is the challenge of our ability to change and adapt to an ever changing reality. Until we resolve the savvy to rise up another level and begin to design the reality for ourselves.

All these experiences validate the nature of our multidimensionality. We exist and communicate in multiple dimensions simultaneously. The chakra system is our energetic interface between the spiritual and the physical. We are always connected to the larger portion of our being. It watches from our subconscious, talking to us in dreams, and in the archetypal metaphors of our daily lives. We have a large core of experience, hence inherent knowledge. Learning to master the expression enables one to begin to focus awareness into areas other than the five senses. We have cast a destiny for ourselves, our choice to embrace it eases our path and brings about an experience most hoped for. A clarity of expression to charge the soul with joy. A panorama of experience to make the soul shiver in delightenment. Achieving these moments of enlightenment, we see clearly, the metaphors of our lives. We are calmed in the knowledge our dreams can manifest. Most importantly, we begin to see the larger metaphoric influences in the society around us. We experience consciousness in group expression, and see our position in it. We understand experience is relative. Nothings personal, and all of its personal, to us as a unity. We've begun to grow up and out and in. To the nature of spirit.