Welcome to the Mysteries!                   3-25-1998
By Dale G. Cox

Welcome to the mysteries. The first question one might want to ask, would be, "What are the mysteries?" A valid question, no doubt. One seldom asked in today's modern culture. Indeed, science must have brought us valid, concrete conclusions, to the mysteries by now. If not, then it has at least done an effective job of giving us new ones to solve. Mysteries that exist outside of us, and draw us away from our internal worlds. In the age of cell phones and computers, we think we are as smart as we can get. We have educated ourselves. Our knowledge comes from informed experience. The question then becomes, who's got the most accurate information.

We all recognize the power of information in today's world. It's bought and sold as a commodity. Wars are fought over it, empires won or lost. Sticks and stones used to didn't hurt me, now they can assume the potential to ruin my life, what an absurd notion. But one that is popular today. Information makes this world go round. So then, how does one go about recognizing what information is vital to ones survival, amongst all the info that's flashed at us daily.

How does one discern who is right. Church, school, mother, father, college, friends, society? This very question is the beginning of the path into the mysteries. It doesn't matter who the individual is or where they come from. At some point in our lives, usually one that's emotionally challenging, we will ask ourselves these questions. Why are we here? We exist, but take that notion as a given. That we're just here to live until we die, then drift away into oblivion. When the demands of our external world, always seem to find a way to take us beyond our expectations of ourselves. Taking us to places we would prefer not to go. We find ourselves in situations that force us to perceive our mortality, and the spell of illusion is broke. Pressed up against a wall within ourselves, we scream for understanding. Experience the frustration of knowing inherently that there must be an answer we haven't found. One we can't seem to find no matter how hard we look.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, we are looked upon as mental or twisted. We have to seek help to understand our internal process. Openly, people seek to stick information inside our heads, that programs us to respond to the physical world. Our fear is cultivated and shaped, exploited and used to control us. Then, when the fear eventually takes over, and the being collapses from the inside, society refuses to accept fault. The individuals inability to arrive at the appropriate perspective must be the cause. We are abandoned, no longer useful to the system. Left to drift in our own psychological misery. Alone. Usually another point at which we begin to seek for something better, or destroy further, something we thought was already destroyed beyond repair. Sound confusing? Or familiar?

To the Mundane mind, the mysteries are confusing! To explore the mysteries, one can no longer cling to the absolutes of the modern social environment. In times of need we always desire to seek that higher power to save us. But always, bitterly, we realize we haven't cultivated enough faith in that entity to see us through. It is considered a good thing socially, to fear god and keep his commandments. Unfortunately, without a unique insight, this path is contrary to the knowledge of spirit. We see in our society today the end result of that expression. The mysteries are considered the "Black Arts", when there resides the very information to set man free from his enslavement to the flesh, through the union of body and spirit. The information necessary for us to create a one on one relationship with god. And to understand gods supreme love for each and every one of us, sinner or so called saint.

The Mysteries help us define the cycles in our lives, the lessons we're here to learn, how our emotions work, what is intuition, and how to learn to trust it? The mysteries unfold for us the full scope of our responsibilities as spiritual beings. A responsibility sadly forsaken in our modern world. Thus, we rape our home in the interest of personal profit, simply so we can say I'm stronger or smarter, or I just want you to do things my way. A behavior indicative of a deeply rooted inferiority complex. Which probably comes from a notion that we are separated from god by our compulsion to sin. Wrong. How convenient that the church would seek to save us from this knowledge. We are separated from god because these simple facts have been withheld from us. Enslaved by fear we are manipulable. Freed with the knowledge or our heavenly ancestry, who is to say what we could believe ourselves to be. Perhaps a lesson plan for our next historical epoch. Of course, we can't completely blame the church. Truth is subject to show itself no matter how we try to hide it. This information has permeated our culture to the extent of begging for recognition. We have chose not to look. Why? Thus the second question relative to seeking the mysteries. Do I really want to know who and why I am?