The Second Coming of Christ!
A hasty brushing of topics best pursued.
By Dale Cox

Before we discuss the second coming, we should maybe discuss the first. Which maybe wasn't the first, or the second time this entity has appeared in our history. The man who appeared to us in the vicinity of Galilee during the time reported to us by the history books, didn't come unexpected. His arrival had been greatly anticipated for quite some time. I have scratched the surface of the main religions in the world, at least those predominant in our present time and some forgotten.  After getting some background into the history of Christianity, I see the christ as the prototype for an evolved humanity. Not as a savior like western Christianity sees him .  In essence, he did come to save us from ourselves, and we must make a choice. But, the nature of our "salvation", will be brought about by the hard road to faith in ourselves. That we must walk, he merely brought us a map. 

In respect to modern christianity, and I say modern because it is not the same christianity that existed say 500 years ago, I do believe it is possible to perceive the christ impulse from within the perspective of this modern christianity. However, coming from experience, my greatest understanding of the christ concept occurred after I left the construct of organized western christianity. 

According to Rudolf Steiner, the originator of anthroposophy, and several other christian researchers. The christ impulse has appeared throughout the history of humanity, as our primary guiding principle. Understanding of course that we have not always perceived ourselves as we do today. The concept of evolution means we are constantly changing, and although we don't notice it so much in the moment. When observed from the aspect of history it becomes more perceptual. The preceding epochs of Atlantis and Lemuria before it were long periods of history. When they ended the destruction created by the collapse of their cultures was the kindling used to start the fire of the next cultural epoch. Thus, we made our greatest changes in perception during the major transitions. Which interestingly enough, were the periods of time where the rigidity of cultural stability wasn't present. These periods gave freedom to the individuals who had become different than everyone else. People who thought in different ways than their brethren, explored new ideas no one else wanted to accept. These individuals thrived on the release of restraint, the ability to have a clean slate to restructure the world as they saw it. Suffice to say, humanity needs to have wide open spaces from time to time. Spaces where older cultures have been swept away. After the genocide performed on the native americans by the european expansion westward, america became the last place in our current historical path where this kind of evolution was possible.

The wide open spaces provided by cultural collapse are not the only times humanity gets to evolve. We evolve all the time. The trick being, evolution within the structure of a cultural format is less noticeable, and more difficult for the individuals involved. They may change within, but not be allowed to change without. Current paradigms have always been suspicious of change. The founding fathers of the United States understood this, in the respect that they created a constitution with the ability to change with time and perspective. Social culture is usually a bit less flexible. Sometimes its cool to be different. In our modern culture, the conservative perspective is very wary of real change versus playful change. Playful change is ok, it can be used for marketing tools. The stimulation of fads and new hobbies is useful in maintaining an illusory economy. An illusory economy is useful in restraining cultural change. Thus, the individuals who seek to change the paradigm are dangerous. And the dominant culture will move to protect itself. As it does today.

Now, some of you may not even want to entertain the debate over the legitimacy of religious truth in this time. In other words, you may not be ready to explore the truth of christianity and how it relates to all of us, versus the illusion of christianity you've been forced to endure in these times. As stated earlier, I see the christ not as savior, but as our divine prototype. The main purpose christianity has been obscured in this way, was to encourage us not to perceive the christ as our master. We are not slaves. We are the divine children of the great creator. We are beings of it's nature. We are not descended from monkeys. We needed to experience the Christ impulse after we achieved individuality. Current mainstream christianity was designed to be  a codependent structure. Co-dependant structures worked for humanity's culture several thousand years ago, and it still works for some today. But not for everyone, anymore. The evidence of this is everywhere present in our current culture. It is the basis of our present cultural divisions. As a people, we seek individuality with an ever increasing passion. The old cultural forms no longer fit with the way we think. We seek to throw them off, but they are the conservative resistance, they cling and seek not to be let go of. This conflict has been devastating to some of us. To be specific, its been a heart wrenching experience.

It is unfortunate for western christianity that the second coming of christ did not appear as hoped or planned. But then it is appearing on time, and it is currently here. Its been here for a long time, we are only just beginning to wake up to it. It may be appearing in the church, but that's not where it originated. The christian church, in this time, represents more the anti-christ than it does the christ. And most of its actions are designed to thwart the efforts of the true christ. To think that you must get down on your knees and accept the christ into your life to be "saved", is dramatically absurd and egotistical. It is this misplaced pride in edifices that will be the destruction of the western church in this time. 

In order to fully understand this, you must first accept the fact that you are a corporeal being. You are not the physical material that surrounds you. You are the artist of its inception. As you, as a spiritual essence, has been evolving to self realization, the forms you create have been keeping pace with you. The human body is a product of divine inspiration, not mechanical biological processes. Without a soul to create it, you would have no body. The reason I point out these facts, is to help you understand that what happens in the physical world is a direct creation of impulses that originate in the energetic worlds. For most people the physical world is all there is. But for others of us, the physical world is highly deficient as a realistic excuse for existence. You are the ones this essay is directed towards. Another fact to accept is that as you are a higher ordered being than you seem to remember, some of the decisions you made for this life were done outside of the context of your current reality. The life between death and rebirth.

It is a spiritual fact that your power of choice is your divine right. It states in the bible that after the flood, god said it would never again compromise the divinity of our freewill. Thus, since then any salvation from god has been pointless rhetoric. As that would constitute compromising someone's will. However, there are impulses that we set in motion from a much higher spiritual vantage point, that will compromise the local effect of our will. From above your higher spirit is engaged in a continual process of evolution. The periods it spends in physical form, are immersions in a field of karma, taken to create experiences whereby it may evolve. From a material sense, we think we create ourselves, when in essence we are already made and only here to find out who we are. Before you took present form, you chose how your life would be according to what you needed to learn. Those choices often supersede your choices during physical immersion, and of course you lose the memory of those decisions, so your being can learn to master its experiential self. Which is why sometimes it seems like nothing is going your way. Quite the contrary, its probably all going your way. The trick is to determine which way you wanted to go versus the way you have been going.

Which brings us to present day. On a spiritual level we are all aspiring to the glory of our individual divinity. We are all on our paths. The trick is we all need different experiences to help us perceive clearly. We all need to see ourselves in a mirror so we can come to a realization of who we are. That mirror is the physical world. It should be noticed that often what we think we are and how other people perceive us are two completely different things. That's why mirrors are important, to show us how we really act, or how our internal expressions manifest in the physical world. There's that relationship again. We seek to bring what is within to the without without distortion. This is where the christ impulse has come to help us.

Most all people alive today in the western world and some in other places, have the christ impulse growing within us. It is that little point of light that gives us our definition of true love. It didn't come from the symbology of christ dying for us. It came from his act of becoming flesh, then experiencing death in the flesh, and the relationship of that experience to the very fabric of our physical reality. The christ impulse is our divine love expression. As the Luciferic impulse created our intellect. We mimic until we take those movements into ourselves, then once they've become part of us, we evolve. Its like learning to swim when you've never been in the water. Someone must first show you how to do a thing. Lucifer showed us to think for ourselves, christ teaches us the meaning of divine love. For those of us living on the edge of this evolutionary wave, this impulse can create painful experiences in relation to the physical paradigm we find ourselves in, in this time. Sometimes, to us, the physical world does not appear as the people who play in it think it does. 

The second (actually fourth) appearance of christ is occurring in the etheric layer of the human organism, this is the layer where our thoughts originate. If you understand the concept of your aura, the etheric and astral are the next two closest layers of energy to the physical body. Thus, the etheric body does not read the physical, it reads other etheric bodies. Call it multidimensional communication, because we as humans are multidimensional beings. Modern science does everything in its power to disprove this, but to no avail. When a person leaves the simple impressions of physical communication, and evolves to the next level of awareness, the way this person perceives the world has changed. Not only do we perceive the physical, hot, cold, sweet, salty. But, now we receive a little clearer intuition. Intuition is the act of perceiving motivations behind actions. A weird reality for one born in the physical, to suddenly happen upon. But we all have intuition and we all use it to varying degrees, we just don't study it publicly.  As humans we often secretly pride ourselves on our ability to obscure our ultimate vulnerability, and thus our motives. Someone who has undergone an awakening to their etheric awareness, must now deal with these motives. While sometimes experiencing a contrary physical expression. We see a potential in the world waiting to be tapped, but being ignored. This potential is the christ impulse that is currently appearing in the etheric world.

That there are any of us that believe that the soul is an entity separate from the physical body, is evidence that the physical world of maya cannot hold us as beings. The term we most commonly hear today is that we are "selling our souls". Some of us think this may be a little dramatic, whereas someone who is evolving into their etheric awareness, knows this to be fact. A majority of the items built in this current culture, are built to serve the needs of ego. We have become obsessed with appearance and acceptance. Meanwhile, we are abusing the planet and other people around us to satisfy this need. The root of that need arises from the fact that without the reality of the spiritual world, we loose our self definition, by fearing that we have lost our connection with god. Fearing that we are alone! We loose our connection to the divine, and the universe becomes a big place. We see this big reality as the expression of god, and in the face of that entity we fear we are nothing, and so we are set to the task of proving we are something. What, depends on what is the current social expression of what we think we are. With the divine power of Lucifer's intellect, we can dream ourselves into a dream we believe we can never escape. This was a necessary period for humanity to go through during its evolution. We needed to loose touch with the spirit realms and fully connect with that of material. To better understand the nature of the material and to sharpen the tool of intellect. Now we must redefine our connection to the spiritual, lest we loose and destroy ourselves in the illusion of maya.

The reality of the etheric world is hard to put a finger on. Those of us who have began the journey into this world are essentially on our own. We have left the text books behind, and no one can teach us from here. All we can do is experience and engage in the process of coming to terms with what we experience. This is the point where we truly must begin to think for ourselves. I can relate my experience in generality's, but what you experience will be unique to you. You are different, we are all different, every last one of us, but we are all changing. That this experience will involve your emotions is almost certain. I experienced the sensation of feeling other peoples thoughts. This can be confusing. I spent a good portion of my life believing these "thoughts" were my own. Feeling that I was experiencing feelings that I was not. We are beginning to move in a world that could be defined as liquid. A sea of emotion, the only way for us to define ourselves in this sea of emotion, was to experience individuality in the physical. The complete cessation of the collective. Thus, upon our return to the collective we would have achieved a perspective of self in relation to group. For those of us moving into this new perspective, the experience could be said to be addictive. The act of feeling a world that to others is flat. It is a distraction for us. We can tend to spend more time observing and experiencing others, than we do living our own lives. Seeing people in their truth, in their duality. Which within ourselves becomes a sort of self crucifixion. We see the weakness of our own physical motives and feel guilty. We begin to see the profound nature of our being and how reckless it can be. Sometimes we have a revelation and touch god, sometimes we plummet to the depths of our vulnerability. Modern science defines this as bi-polar syndrome. Which verifies that this is occurring in many people around you right now. But the nature of our material world tries to make us forget this.

The concept of "feeling" our day can be draining. The fact that we are now immersed in this sea of feeling, is the revaluation that the material world is nothing more than the image of spirit. We come home at night seeking the solace of open space. Space where we are not being overlapped by the energy of others. Space where we seek to return to the core essence that is our own. If the society around us experiences a stressful day, we too are exhausted by the experience. Sometimes for no apparent reason at all we are sad and depressed, or buoyantly happy. The concept of experiencing the world from the perspective of no physical boundaries, is simply exhausting. We may shut the door, but we are beginning to understand that doors or even time are not boundaries to consciousness. In mass, society is a product of memories. Our memories of how we were treated by someone in the past effect how we treat people today. We struggle with people energetically, grappling with their emotions, whereas they being unaware, flail their emotions about without regard to the consequences. Meditation is one of the best remedies I know of to help arrest this experience. Getting out to nature and just generally making the effort to separate myself from others. Remember who I am, and what I'm trying to do. Learning to live in two worlds at once is not easy.

Materialism is here to tell us the world of spirit does not exist, by giving us religious forms with no spirit within them. Materialism tells us we must respond in an economic way to our feelings. When our feelings always seem to contradict that concept. This returns us to the nature of cultural forms. Many people today have trouble believing god really exists. Many people don't question why we exist. While some of us spend our days in constant conflict with the lie we see around us. The conflict of resisting the cultural norm can be very hard to bear. We are misunderstood, ridiculed, rejected, etc. We seek a reality where everyone is not acting from fear of rejection, or fear of oppression. We see our fellow humans being abused, having their humanity driven out of them by economic terrorism. We are restless, pensive, perpetually looking for someplace we can be "comfortable". Sometimes we cannot even define what is wrong, we just know it is. We are depressed because we see love fighting to exist in the world, and ourselves as the enemy. We see the violence of difference increasing, with an inability to see the world in unity. Hate and fear escalate us towards a future designed to be our next destruction, and we can say nothing to make our brethren believe. We are called paranoid when we can see the very fabric of this culture collapsing from its own corruption and denial.

To those people I send encouragement. If you are struggling for life your learning more about yourself and your power than the person who has never had to struggle. And that's not to say that the christ impulse is economically aligned. It exists within all of us, some of us are at a point where it has become more important that we figure things out. The looming question of why or even what, drives us. Why do we experience life the way we do.  We should not ridicule those who are not like us. Their journey is equally divine. We all move in different ways. The impulse of the christ within us forces us to evaluate the expression of our value systems. Why do we do what we do?

Of course, the most difficult question is how do we deal with these changes? I can't tell you how to walk your path, you already know how to do that. I could tell you that every decision you make today effects your future, but you already know that.. I can tell you that what we learn today is preparing us for a new future. We are the flames of a new culture. Through us the future will be born. We do not need to call ourselves christians, we are humanity. The journey within is not an easy one. The frantic demands of current culture rob us of the time we would like to focus and resolve. These demands also keep us in constant transition, which is very conducive to evolution. We may not get to experience the life others do, and this makes us angry sometimes. But we feel the future getting closer. Its like the first day of school. It always seems like the school is so very far away, and the bus ride so very long, but one day we will get of in the promise land. It won't be a land of milk and honey, it will be a land requiring hard work and dedication. It will be a land of great challenge, and we will be ready. Take heart. Peace.

copyright 2000 D.G. Cox